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A Water Spirit?

I was looking back through some old pictures of water running in a creek,

IMG_9893 red

and came to a picture of a creature staring back at me … an undine staring back at me. The water spirits are called undines.

It looks like it has a message for someone.

Whose Den?

IMG_0025 red

A female fox visited our yard a few days ago. The pair have denned under our barn twice.

IMG_0068 crop 3

It was a gloomy day, and Buffy and I had been in the house too long. So, we walked a loop of our backyard.  She saw this wooden “creature” before I did.

IMG_0068 crop 3

It looked like a creature of unknown origin.

IMG_0068 crop

It was about 8-9 inches long. Now I’ll be able to tell if any animal, like a fox, goes under the barn.


We woke to a damp drizzling morning. I hurried out to check to see if the wood had been moved ….

IMG_0077 red

and, obviously, it was — only, the chunk of wood isn’t the same one I photographed yesterday.

This mystery will require my attention often.

A Flying ????????

I didn’t notice the resemblance when I first looked at this picture.


  What kind of creature flies, disguised as a cloud?


A pterodactyl?

Ice Impersonations

I usually head for the hills when the ice starts forming in a small rocky creek only four or five miles from our house. The water was touching the underside of the ice two days ago when I was here.


 It touched very little of the ice today. Intricate designs, combinations of sizes and shapes were vying for attention.


My attention immediately when to the right side where a friendly, 4-legged creature was showing interest in what looked like a young bird.

This is the prelude to two blogs of the ice that was in this creek. The first one will be posted Sunday the 18th and the second the following Wednesday.


Everybody that knows me knows I like rocks. I have a fairly extensive fossil collection, have sandstone rocks for garden edging, for paths and cairns. Then there’s the sandstone I like with the iron bands and ochre patterns. Don’t want to forget my heart rocks and stone people (did blogs on both). My oldest son was in the army for 10 years, and he’s given me rocks from Germany, Kansas, Indiana and Kentucky. Petrified wood is a big favorite of mine. Then there’s the fluorite, calcite and other crystals.

I also have a collection of 50 or so of what I call “prehistorics.” They each resemble the head of what looks like a prehistoric creature.

  They just seem to find me somehow.