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A Different Spider Web

This first picture fascinated me because of the green spider.

I have no explanation for the webs in the next two pictures.

Maybe they were having a “spider’s disagreement.”

Or could have been trying to build a different style of web.

It was fascinating whatever the reason and the design.



Composition in Green

I was walking around the backyard this morning, looking for spiders and their webs. The composition of the three or four sunlit greens was a pleasant surprise.

I didn’t expect to find such an artistic design, and one with a spider in its web.

Where the Beetles Were

Obviously, the following pictures were taken at different times, when I was walking a loop around the back part of our yard.

IMG_0581 red

The limb had fallen from a large maple tree in a strong storm a few years ago.

IMG_0583 red

Bark beetles tunneled their homes under the bark.

IMG_0585 crop red

Most of the tunneling I’ve seen like this weren’t anywhere near as large as these.

IMG_0619 red too

Obviously, I take a picture every now and then when walking by this broken limb. This picture shows how they grew. The design always catches my attention, especially if the sun’s shining.

A Chrysalis

IMG_4941 crop 4

I found this chrysalis on the side of our garbage container on August 10th. Its shape and design would make such a nice pendant for a necklace. I admired it every time I passed. Then, it was an empty shell on the 16th.

Its identity remained a mystery … until this afternoon. I just found out it’s the chrysalis of a hackberry emperor butterfly.


We have several hackberry trees in our yard.

Hackberry butterflies lay their eggs in hackberry trees, and the caterpillars feed on the leaves. The adult butterflies prefer feeding on rotting fruit. They also visit moist places, fermenting fruit, tree sap, and animal droppings.



Widow skimmer dragonfly


 The combination of colors, shapes and the backlighting creates an interesting abstract design.

Me and My Shadow

IMG_7031 alt red

If the daddy long legs only knew the artistic design it created…

Caterpillar Diary — September 27

In yesterday’s blog (Caterpillar Update) the red-spotted purple butterfly’s caterpillar had gone missing, and I found it on a different limb. This blog covers it’s activities for today.

The little caterpillar was attaching silk to the leaf in preparation for its hibernaculum.

It had eaten the design in the right side of the leaf for a reason, and was now starting to do the same on the left side.

Now it switched back up to add more silk at the base of the leaf. This will curl the leaf to the desired shape.

The little caterpillar took a break. I spent most of the day back and forth documenting its activities.

It took another break.  This little caterpillar was less than 1/2 inch long.

It was now about to cut the area up along the vein.

Almost done.

Next came a definite nap time.

The only way I could get this last shot was by flashlight.  Caterpillars work a lot at night, and its hibernaculum was finished the next morning.

That will be in my next blog tomorrow.