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Lone Resident

A groundhog family lived under our barn for months. They raised four young.


Apparently the family dispersed, and only one adult lives here now.

It looks like it plans to spend the winter here.


Late-Season Milkweed

This butterflyweed didn’t grow or bloom as normal last summer, because of the severe drought and heat.

This clump of flowers bloomed early in September, instead of early June.

The pods started releasing their seeds the end of October.

 Wind has dispersed their seeds.

These milkweed bugs remained on the pods as they were maturing and drying. The white spots are from sap oozing from the pods where the bugs sucked the sap.

This picture shows 3 different sizes of their incomplete metamorphosis. The adults stay and protect the young. They have 5 instars and each molt lasts 5-6 days.