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IMG_6895 red crop

I can’t resist the reflections and

IMG_6900 red

the distortion of water drops

IMG_6901 crop

in their surroundings.

IMG_6890 crop red


IMG_6893 red

magnifying glass.

(this blog was completed in July)


Photographic Challenge

How hard could it be to get pictures of water dropping from an icicle? It turned out to be much more difficult than I expected.

The icicle hung near the picture window by my computer.

IMG_4439 crop red

Many drops would fall from the melting icicle at a time and other times single ones. Some of the falling ones became orbs in the focused image. I’d take the picture’s and the drops had all fallen below the camera’s image. I took picture after picture. Still no luck. I even focused the camera, closed my eyes and took the picture.

Then I thought maybe things would go better if I named the icicle. That there might be more cooperation if I did.

IMG_4442 crop red

So, meet Elvira.

IMG_4435 crop red

The name immediately popped in my mind. Don’t ask me why.

IMG_4444 crop red

I then used the focus camera-close eyes- take picture method.

It was more fun and it worked.

IMG_4441 crop

Imagine my surprise when I captured 3 drops in one picture!