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Oh, What a Night!

Our living room window looks toward the west, over a highway, across a farmer’s field and on over to woods and a house.

IMG_0693 red

I usually sit by the window and eat my supper. The view varies.

IMG_0695 red

A tall wall of clouds added drama to this unusual view.

IMG_0696 red

Then the sun held it’s spot. The odd thing was there wasn’t a definite hard-edged to the sun’s shape.

IMG_0697 red

The sun seemed to emanate with slightly changing colors.

IMG_0699 red

It all seemed to stand still in its part of the sky’s landscape.

IMG_0700 red

Where exactly was the sun’s location? Apparently it created its own pattern and shapes of light.

IMG_0702 red

What was sinking in what?

IMG_0703 red

… and then an eagle soared by.

IMG_0704 red

I still don’t understand why the sun lacked a definite shape.


The colors gradually faded as night approached.


The Eagle Nest Tree

My best friend, Therese, went by the eagle nest recently and reported in to me that she’d seen an eagle in the nest. Seems the tree with the nest lost more limbs with a strong storm we recieved from hurricane Sandy. Buffy and I took a drive this morning to check it out.

IMG_3692 red

It did look a tad bare.

IMG_3689 red

No eagle sat in it or in any of the surrounding trees.

Last year I started a series of blogs with weekly trips to the nest.

IMG_9576 red 5 This is an old old picture, with obvious lack of quality. It does show how the tree looked before it lost one whole trunk.

IMG_0269 red

Both adults were in the nest January 26.

IMG_2604 crop

I took this picture on March 27th this year while the tree was still leafing out.

IMG_2612 crop

This picture was taken the same day.

IMG_3181 crop

The eagle appeared to be feeding young. The date was April 10. I made 4 trips between April 24 and May 5 without seeing any eagles. I assumed a predator got the young while the adults were away.

Eagles mate for life. They will add to their nest every year, and will continue to use as long as the tree’s standing. The largest eagle nest on record was 9 1/2 feet wide, 20 feet high, and weighed over 2 tons! (I would’ve like to see that tree.)

Eagle facts: average life span up to 28 years in the wild, body size 34 to 43 inches, weight 6 1/2 to 14 pounds and wingspan 6-8 feet. Females are larger than the males. The young are 4-5 years before they have white head and tail.

We made a loop around behind an old abandoned mine. A large bird soared around in an area with a large field by the road and the mine off in the distance. It didn’t have white head or tail. It did hold its wings flat — an immature bald eagle. Vultures hold their wings in a vee (dihedral) when soaring. So that’s a good way to tell the difference between the 2 at a distance.

I do so hope the tree remains standing, and the eagles successfully raise young next year.