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Unexpected Composition


Our triple window in the living room faces west. Sometimes I just snap pictures from where I sit on the couch and watching TV.

This picture has a combination of varying elements: 3 plants outside the window. The distant treeline on the other side of a large cornfield. Then there’s the tree in our front yard. The sun nears the horizon, its shape altered by elements listed above.

I was quite surprised when I saw the picture. It doesn’t look anything like what I saw in the camera. I know it’s a plant under the sun. The yellow edges the outside of the sun and adds the vertical yellow line through the middle of it.

Like I wrote: I have no idea how the elements resulted in the picture. I’m so glad they did

Indigo Bunting

I looked out the picture window while on the computer, and there perched an indigo bunting on a trellis I made years ago.


Theoretically, the composition of this picture shouldn’t work. There are too many elements without one standing out more than the others. They just combine to make a pleasing, eye-catching arrangement.


This is one of the copper trellises I made years ago for my gardens. The main pole is 1/2-inch copper tubing over an electric fence pole. I used it for the main structure of the trellis and then used 1/4 inch copper to fill in the free-form design.

Composition With Light

The elements often naturally arrange themselves in a pleasing composition,

IMG_9349 red

and the sun creates constrast.