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Last of the Fox Chronicles

I’m sad to say the fox family is no longer living under our barn. I knew this was coming, because they only use dens for raising their young. Here are a few pictures from the few times I saw them last week. I didn’t see them every day, and some times it was so dark, I couldn’t tell how many were out. I start the pictures with one taken before last week, one with good light. It was taken when I was seeing them daily.

A morning romp with mom

She had to hold her hind leg up to nurse the 2

They were active this evening

Like I said, they were ACTIVE that night. Three in the picture.

Look at the size of her tail!

Not wound up yet

Notice the white tip on the one’s tail. One morning 3 of them were tumbling around together. Their tails were wagging all over the place. I kept finding myself watching the white tail tips. They showed more in the low light than they would in brighter. I figured there must be a reason for the white tail tip, like distracting prey while the “business” end gets ready.

Shows size comparison between adult and young.

Another stare

The last picture I took

I knew they would be leaving anytime. I had a repeating image of the whole family together, walking out of our yard with me watching. It didn’t happen. The last time we saw one was when we could barely see a head sticking out from under the barn. Since we’re obviously in their territory, and since they successfully raised young here, I hope they return next year to raise young under our barn.

And I SO enjoyed sharing my fox experience.