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The Groundhogs are Back

The groundhog family’s more active in the yard now.

There are 4 young ones.

The above picture takes a little imagination. The young groundhog came out from under the barn, turned sideways, put its front legs up and stretched.

Some of the others wanted to come out and play too … climb on ? mom or dad?

The grass is usually food for their meals.

I would sure like to know what’s going on in this picture.  There must be something interesting going on just out of the picture.

I don’t know why they stay out for a short time before disappearing back under the barn.

That will probably change as they grow older.

Billbergia in Bloom

This billbergia plant is a family heirloom. I have no idea of its age.


It’s a bromeliaceae from the pineapple family.


This plant has bloomed for at least three weeks, and shows no signs of letting up anytime soon.


Obviously, it adds color to dull winter days.


It was passed down to me from my grandmother.


I have no idea how old the plant is.


It does look happy beside the picture window.

Fingers Crossed

IMG_6954 red

This picture shows the view of our backyard from the picture window beside my computer.


I walked into the computer room yesterday just as my husband said, “fox!” This is an earlier picture taken March 30, 2015.

The fox looked around and then went under the barn. I didn’t have time to take a picture.

IMG_9601 red

A groundhog family lived under the barn for most of the summer. One, I suspect the female, stayed in the yard until the colder weather arrived.

I guess I’ll have to be patient to see how this plays out.


Tune in tomorrow!

Lone Resident

A groundhog family lived under our barn for months. They raised four young.


Apparently the family dispersed, and only one adult lives here now.

It looks like it plans to spend the winter here.

Groundhog Update

The groundhog family still lives under the barn.


Yesterday afternoon I went to the back part of the the yard to take pictures. The young groundhog calmly watched me, even as I stopped to take its picture.


They wander around the backyard, stopping often to check out their surroundings.


Two of them even had a friendly wrestling match.

Heirlooms Blooming


IMG_4986 red

Eucharis lily (Eucharis grandiflora)

IMG_4982 crop red

 is a family heirloom from as far back as my grandmother.

IMG_5547 crop red

Grandfather’s rose has bloomed twice this summer and these are the last of the second bloom.

Grandfather’s rose was given to my grandmother when my mother was born in 1929. 

Fox Family Pictures

The foxes have changed their habits slightly and are making picture-taking more challenging. They come out most mornings for a short time between 7 and 9 a.m. Then they stay close to the barn and in the shade. My picture window faces east, and  window glare can be a problem.

Our weather’s turned hot again and that limits their time out in the afternoon to almost none. My husband has an archery target at the back edge of our property. He usually shoots until it’s too dark to shoot. Since the foxes have been here, he and I both come in early to give them time to come out and play … and us a chance to watch. They didn’t come out last night. The night before they came out when there was just enough light to see them. So, here are pictures from this and yesterday morning.

These are from yesterday (Saturday) morning.

Nursing for breakfast

She stays alert at all times

This is an every morning activity

Play is their middle name

I took the rest of these pictures this morning, starting at 8:15.

Looked like ear cleaning. This was the second she did this to.

Has hold of Mom’s tail

Notice that both feet are off the ground