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Water Has a Sense of Humor

Buffy and I hiked through the ravine on my rural property. More plants bloomed than I expected — which still wasn’t much with the lingering winter weather.

IMG_4752 red

We hiked along the creek on the way back to the trail. Again, the sky was a mix of clouds and sunshine.

IMG_4763 red

All the pictures were taken with my facing the sun. The camera did what it chose with varying results.

IMG_4762 red

 I learned when I got the pictures in the computer that water has a sense of humor. The following pictures were cropped from the various pictures.

IMG_4694 crop 2

IMG_4695 crop 2

IMG_4697 crop alt

IMG_4762 crop

IMG_4719 crop alt

IMG_4769 crop red

IMG_4693 crop

IMG_4695 crop alt



Saying Farewell

I’m saying farewell to my garlic chives (Allium tuberosum). It only grows now in the back of my moon garden.

Years ago it grew beside the common chives in the herb garden I used to have. It grew in the corner of the buttterfly garden just across from the moon garden. I could sit between the 2 gardens and see the whites “glow” in the moonlight.

I liked them because they were white, bloomed later in the season, and attracted butterflies and other insects. Gray hairstreak butterflies visited often. Our insect numbers have been low this summer, and I assume it’s because of the drought.

The reason I’m saying farewell is that the garlic chives spread and are difficult to dig out. I always forget to cut off the seed heads before they drop their seeds. The above picture shows the different stages of flower/seed development in one flower head.

Besides, I’d rather be out enjoying nature, than spending a lot of time in the kitchen cooking.