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What a Sunset!

We live on the east side of the highway,

with a large field across the highway in the west.

We’ve practically had large billowing clouds almost daily for several weeks.

Most lingered into the evening.

They constantly changed shapes and reflected the colors.

The changing colors put on a dramatic show.

I took all these (and more) pictures from our front yard.

I wonder what to expect this evening.



Before the Planting

I took a drive through the flats one evening recently.


Many fields have a yearly habit of “turning yellow” before the farmers start plowing.


Illinois is almost all flat from those hills, north to Wisconsin (from glaciation).


The yellow grows in our yard too.


It’s called golden ragwort (Senecio aureus) and grows from one to three feet tall.

If the fields are planted with corn, we won’t see the hills as we drive through the fields until the corn’s picked.