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Nature’s Artistry

I come from an artistic family and tend to look at things differently than a non-artist does.

IMG_6467 crop red

I spent a lot of time this summer watching the large milkweed bugs mature.

IMG_9437 red

Now that the plant’s all dried and dispersing its seeds, it’s taken on a totally different appearance. Even the angles of the four stems add an artistic element to the design.

IMG_4671 crop too

The remaining fluff creates a pattern with their arrangement.

IMG_4671 crop too 2

 Then there’s the intricate design of each seed.

These pictures would look different if they were taken at different times of the day, with different angles of the sun and in different weathers.

I won’t be posting as many blogs for a while, because I’m now in the beginning stage of shingles.


What Long Legs You Have!

Buffy and I walked along a food plot where a lot of milkweeds bloomed earlier this summer. A few seedpods were opening, and the seeds waiting for the wind to carry them away.

The seedpod had long legs that could only belong a daddy longlegs. Its body sure resembled the seeds. What would one be doing under a “pile of fluff?”

I didn’t see the 2 tiny red bugs until I put the picture in the computer. So, obviously, it knew what is was doing.