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A Foliose Lichen

I find all kinds of lichens when I pick up sticks in the yard.

IMG_9031 crop

The larger lichen with the leafy appearance is a foliose lichen.


Blister lichen, with the dark disc-shaped fruiting bodies, is also a foliose lichen. The leafy part shows better in the upper right of the picture.

IMG_9031 crop too

The black “hairs” along the edges of the lichen are called “cilia.” I seldom see them on lichens.

A Small Snow Cave

IMG_0406 red

A small snow cave partially covers ed blister lichen (Physcia stellaris)  growing on a limb in our dawn redwood tree. It’s also called a star rosette lichen. It’s a foliose lichen — a leafy looking lichen (say that three times fast). They reproduce by spores, which is the black in each disc.

Learning Lichens

 My recent interest has included lichens.

I have two books on lichens — Walk Softly Upon the Earth, published by the Missouri DOC, and Lichens of the North Woods by Joe Walewski.

IMG_8496 crop red

The Missouri book has the name blister lichen for this common lichen. Walewski’s book calls it a star rosette lichen.

IMG_8469 red

 Both use the scientific name Physcia stellaris.

IMG_8466 red

Spores develop in the disc-shaped fruiting bodies. It commonly grows on deciduous trees.  It’s a foliose lichen, meaning it looks leaflike and has only a few points of attachment to the surface.

 Very few scientific names make it into my permanent memory. Images easily become a visual memory.

That being said, I plan to call this one blister lichen.