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A Meal for Two Vultures

Yesterday morning a fox got hit on the highway just south of our house. Someone threw it over in the field on the other side of the highway.

It didn’t take long for two vultures to find it.

I sat on our front porch on the other side of the highway, so I could take pictures.

I didn’t want to scare them off.

They didn’t notice me, probably because of all the traffic.

This one took off and looped toward our house … and they both were gone.

What a Difference Three Days Make

Strong winds, hours of heavy snow and dropping temperatures created dramatic results

IMG_0162 red

that could be enjoyed from the picture window by my computer. (Jan 10)


The large hackberry tree added an interesting background for some pictures.

IMG_0182 red

Ice on the window created a variety of designs

IMG_0183 red 2

for dramatic pictures.

IMG_0194 red

All that remains now are the icicles hanging from the gutter.


 And then a sunny day today (January 14) the temperature rises to 57 degrees.

Buffy and I walked a loop of the backyard. She investigated along the side of the barn until the the fox let her know she wasn’t wanted there. With the wind, she actually smelled up about half of the back-back of our yard.

IMG_0281 red

I walked right up to a crawdad mound. The hole was open, and I could see water down in there.

IMG_0286 red 2

The dandelion flower stood out! All other colors were winter-dull.

IMG_0288 red 2

Dandelion flowerheads are actually made of many yellow ray flowers. They have five tiny petals, and both male and female parts.

Whose Den?

IMG_0025 red

A female fox visited our yard a few days ago. The pair have denned under our barn twice.

IMG_0068 crop 3

It was a gloomy day, and Buffy and I had been in the house too long. So, we walked a loop of our backyard.  She saw this wooden “creature” before I did.

IMG_0068 crop 3

It looked like a creature of unknown origin.

IMG_0068 crop

It was about 8-9 inches long. Now I’ll be able to tell if any animal, like a fox, goes under the barn.


We woke to a damp drizzling morning. I hurried out to check to see if the wood had been moved ….

IMG_0077 red

and, obviously, it was — only, the chunk of wood isn’t the same one I photographed yesterday.

This mystery will require my attention often.

Fox Chronicles — One

I accidentally deleted all the fox pictures I took this morning. I definitely learned my lesson not to leave them in the camera.


Then I looked out the picture window after supper, and there lay a fox.


Obviously, there was no reason to hurry under the barn on such a calm beautiful evening.


The angle of the evening light made for much better pictures than those with morning or afternoon light.


 There’s no wondering anymore if the young have been born.


She must feel safe and secure here.


Until next time.

Fox Update

Please excuse the quality of these pictures. Thick clouds dulled the hazy day.  Sunshine’s been rare the last 2 weeks.

I hadn’t seen the foxes since before the heavy snow/sleet/freezing rain event.


Then I looked out around noon, and there was a fox. It scratched and scratched and scratched.


I figured the unusual upward position of the hind leg indicated this was the female.


There’s no doubt that this was the female.

 Red foxes begin mating late January into February here in southern Illinois. Their gestation period is 51 days. So I figure she’ll probably give birth in a couple of weeks or so.


…. And here I sat in the evening, working on the blog above. I looked out the picture window and there was a doe. A younger deer soon joined her.

Only See Fox Signs


Eight inches of snow fell Monday into early Tuesday.


It was late morning before a fox left the den. It headed toward the back corner of our yard where there’s an opening under our neighbor’s fence.

The temperature was low and the wind strong. I didn’t linger over each shot … obviously.


The glare was so bad I couldn’t see what was on the camera’s display. I just took several pictures, hoping for the best.


Poor Buffy. She couldn’t get under the barn where the intruders live.


I added this picture so we could see the fox I didn’t see.

Happy 5th Birthday, Jaxson

Jaxson was home today for Easter break and came to my house while my son worked on a problem in our yard.

IMG_5903 red

He helped Davis by making boy “engine” noises. Then he and I went on a nature hike around the backyard so Davis could get the work done.

IMG_5917 crop red

I don’t remember what we were looking for. After hearing strange movement, I located a garter snake. It was my first snake of the year.

IMG_5925 red

What can I say!

IMG_5939 crop red

The snails were taking advantage of the sun’s warmth in the water garden.

IMG_5927 crop red

We found lots of roly polys, slugs, and ants under rocks we turned over.

We came in the house to look at the pictures I’d taken. He made it to the computer chair, “Fox!”

IMG_5933 crop red

The card wasn’t in my camera. The fox looked around. We couldn’t move, even though it was in the back back of the yard. I managed to snap 2 pictures before it trotted out of the yard.

The birthday boy stayed excited for quite a while after that.