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Ice Personalities

Who knew ice had a sense of humor?


Ice first formed on the water. As the water level dropped, the ice continued forming on the areas underneath that were still touching the water. Air filled the areas not touching it. The ice kept freezing, getting thicker, designs forming and changing. This would continue until there was either no water underneath or the ice melted.


This figure looks like it was parachuting and was a little worried about the outcome.

Maybe it was an alien parachuting to earth.

My Fascination with Ice

The creek on my rural property was a mixture of running water, frozen and freezing ice.

IMG_8575 red

The darker areas had water touching the ice underneath.

IMG_8578 red

Air filled the light areas.


I’m sure the explanation for these shapes would be too complicated for an artistic mind.

Just amazing!


The sequence of next 6 pictures was taken in two minutes.

IMG_8581 red

The light areas were light because air filled the void below the ice.

IMG_8582 red

The whole surface was frozen. Air would rush under the ice in spidering directions.

IMG_8583 red

First here and then there. Obviously, the water level was slowly dropping.

IMG_8584 red

 Sometimes small areas turned white; other times much larger areas.

IMG_8585 red

This whole area was about three feet square.

IMG_8587 alt red arrow

The arrow shows where the original opening was.

The word amazing came to mine.

Foggy Morning

Recent warm temperatures, 3/4 inch of rain yesterday and then freezing temperatures last night, made for a foggy morning. Buffy and I headed out early for a hike on Eagle Mountain.

IMG_4133 red

Farm fields bordered the road going east.

IMG_4135 red

Here we were nearing the mountains. They aren’t actually mountains. Eons ago they were faulted up 4,000 to 5,000 feet tall and have eroded down to over 900 feet in some areas..

IMG_4136 red

Bank along road is higher here and

IMG_4137 red

and little higher yet as we neared the turn to Eagle Mountain road.

IMG_4138 redI particularly like the colors of the orbs resulting from the positon of the sun. I’ve been taking orb pictures at night lately and found these fascinating.