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One of Those Years

 A strong south wind blew, and leaves rained down from all of the hackberry trees in our  yard like they do in the fall … only it was the end of May!

IMG_0764 alt red

Several hackberry trees grow around our 2-acre yard. The one above is the largest; its crown measures  51 feet across.

IMG_0327 crop red

I looked up hackberry trees online and found out that they can have an over-abundance of galls that affect the leaves. Luckily, they don’t affect the health the tree. This is a first for me. I haven’t seen this happen in the almost 40 years we’ve lived here.

Apparently, this is one of those years.

IMG_0331 red

The picture above was taken the day before a strong wind blew all day. It really looked like fall!

IMG_0637 crop red

To say the galls were numerous would be an under statement.

IMG_0409 crop red

Not to mention all the various kinds.

IMG_0413 crop red

This is the underneath side of the one in the picture above.

IMG_0340 crop red This gall will turn brown later in the year. IMG_0640 crop red

The insects that cause the galls are tiny.

IMG_0642 crop red I’m not sure, but I think these galls are different from the ones below.

IMG_0651 crop red

These are on a more woody part of the branch than the ones above.

IMG_0425 crop red

Only an occasional leaf falls in the wind that’s blowing now.

Perfect Day

Christmas fern fiddleheads

Virginia bluebells

Moss and lichens on tree bark

Sweet William

Ants hatching

View to the "mountains"

Redbud flowers and honeybee. Notice full pollen sac on bee's leg.

Daisy fleabane

Wild geranium

Pine about to bloom

Dandelion seeed head


Red galls on maple leaves

Maple leaves emerging

American toad


What a perfect day!

Every day’s a perfect day.

Every day is just the way it’s meant to be.