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A Pair of Killdeer

My husband and I went for an evening drive. We usually stop at Ingram Hill for the long view to the mountains. It was close to sunset.

Two killdeer were busy in the gravel.

Killdeer are a vocal bird with a loud voice.

They don’t build nests in trees or shrubs.

They do place small rocks in the gravel for their nesting area.

These two didn’t try to draw our attention.

They probably used the color around them for protection. It was close to sunset and the light fading.

We went back the next night and there wasn’t a killdeer to see or hear.


River Gravel Rocks

Aaron, my  8-year-old, rock-hound, grandson stayed all night and searched for rocks in my various rocky areas in the house and in the yard. This is his blog.

I found all these rocks in river gravel (dredged from the Ohio River).

This is agate.

This is coral.

I don’t know the name of this rock. I do know it has a lot of iron in it.

This is a geode and it has chalcedony on the outside.

This is a different kind of coral.

This has a geode in the coral.

This is the inside of a geode, and none of the outside is on it.

It’s a fish.

I have no idea what kind of rock this is.

I found it in small river gravel, and it has a face on it.