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The Groundhogs are Back

The groundhog family’s more active in the yard now.

There are 4 young ones.

The above picture takes a little imagination. The young groundhog came out from under the barn, turned sideways, put its front legs up and stretched.

Some of the others wanted to come out and play too … climb on ? mom or dad?

The grass is usually food for their meals.

I would sure like to know what’s going on in this picture.  There must be something interesting going on just out of the picture.

I don’t know why they stay out for a short time before disappearing back under the barn.

That will probably change as they grow older.

Posing With a Mouthful

I went out in the evening to walk around the yard. It was actually cool.


Two of the resident groundhogs were having a late grass meal. My presence startled them. The young one stared at me with a mouthful of grass before it ran to the barn too.

Solitary Rabbit


This young rabbit came up from the backyard and just sat in one place as I worked on the computer late yesterday afternoon. I had the impression that it wanted the same attention as the groundhogs had for weeks.

Moth Mullein

This is my last groundhog blog. They moved out sometime yesterday afternoon. There’s two of the few pictures I took of them yesterday morning at the end of this blog.

I’ve been taking ground hog pictures several times a day, since the first of May.


During this time there’s been a plant in my line vision that was often between me and the groundhogs. I thought it was a moth mullein (Verbascum blattaria), but wasn’t sure. Two of them grow beside the moon garden, the only two in the yard.


They have finally started blooming.


The flowers are absolutely beautiful inside, with so many colors to attract the insects.


They have such a tall inflorescence, that they will bloom for a while. Luckily, the groundhogs don’t show any interest in them.


I was working on this blog, looked out the window and there was a young groundhog.


It went back under the barn, and one of the adults came partially out, probably  to see of I was still around.

Both of these pictures were taken at noon yestererday.


As you can tell, they were growing like “kids” do.


And they liked to play.

They will be missed.

Busy Little Groundhogs

It’s hard to get work done with the four young groundhogs becoming more active every day.


It’s hard to get all four in the same picture. They’re all so active.


They can see me move, even with me 40 yards away in the house.


I wonder what holds their attention?


Of course there’s rabbits, squirrels, and birds to watch in the backyard.


I think this picture is just precious.


Yard Residents


 I have no idea what changed with our rabbit population. They have been uncommon for several years until  this year.


A little later an adult groundhog sat upright near where the rabbit had been. I think it saw me through the picture window and decided to high-tail it to the safety of the weed patch.


Then this afternoon, I took my youngest grandson out in the backyard. The groundhog watched our approach. Buffy saw it and started almost stalking toward it. The groundhog didn’t like the intense staring and retreated back under the barn.

The young ones will watch me from same spot as the adult above. So, when one is watching me, I carry on a one-way conversation with it as I walk past. Maybe someday I’ll get a reply.

Groundhog Update

The groundhog family still lives under the barn.


Yesterday afternoon I went to the back part of the the yard to take pictures. The young groundhog calmly watched me, even as I stopped to take its picture.


They wander around the backyard, stopping often to check out their surroundings.


Two of them even had a friendly wrestling match.