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Portrait of Foliose Lichen

This lichen grows on a tree in my backyard.

IMG_8379 crop

It doesn’t know its name. I don’t know its name,

which in no way diminishes my enjoyment of its discovery.

Common Split Gill

 The weather has finally moderated and I actually worked in the backyard this afternoon.


This odd mushroom easily caught my attention and was easy to identify:

Common  Split Gill

Schizophyllum Commune


It has no stalk, the cap measures 9 to 30mm wide, and it  grows on decaying wood. Apparently it’s whitish-gray when it’s dry and a brownish gray when moist.


Its range includes Maine, south to Tennessee and west to north Dakota.

I don’t remember seeing one before, and will definitely keep an eye out for this small delicate mushroom from now on.

Bush Honeysuckle

IMG_3090 red

Bush honeysuckle grows in the shrub border around our backyard (along with a lot of other things).

IMG_3069 red

It’s attractive and is much better behaved than honeysuckle vines.

IMG_3071 crop red

 It also blocks the view of our new neighbors, who moved a prefab house in behind us this spring.

Persimmon Smorgasbord

Our volunteer persimmon tree kind of gets lost in the tangle of plants and trees that border the lower part of our yard. The hill in the background is on our neighbor’s and is the end of an old strip pit.

I always forget about the persimmon tree. Then I realized it was the reason why Buffy kept disappearing when we were out. It’s the tall spindly tree near middle of the picture.

From what I’ve heard, the persimmon trees have out-done themselves with fruit this summer. The tree grows against our side of the neighbor’s fence. He’s let the area behind us grow up like our shrub border.

I followed Buffy in the thick of things to check things out. It’s denser than it looks in the picture. Then I found an abundance of poison ivy. I even had problems finding an easy way out.

 Buffy had eaten all the persimmons that had fallen. They don’t drop until they’re ripe.

I do hope some animals come and dine on the smorgasbord of fruit. Online research listed coyote, fox, raccoon, squirrel, possum, deer, quail and wild turkey as eating persimmons.

As for dogs eating persimmons, ones under 60 pounds aren’t supposed to eat them because of the size of the seeds.

I do hope other animals help eat the fallen persimmons. Buffy doesn’t need so many. I’m supposed to get her down to 90 pounds, and the persimmons aren’t helping one bit.