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Yard Mysteries

I’ll start this blog with an …. “I have absolutely no idea what these “things” are.”

The ones in this and the next picture were all found on the outside of the south window of my bedroom.

This one was on another window. Look close at the bottom end,  and you’ll see what looks like two eyes.

This one has me stumped. It’s too small to see the details of its head. It had two teeny eyes ringed with blue.

 All these pictures were taken from inside the house. I’m assuming these were insects. I will post the blog again if I find out what these are … or if a reader knows.

Banded Pennant Dragonfly

The day remained cloudy  and windy.


The banded pennant dragonfly (Celithemis fasciata) didn’t mind all my attention taking pictures.

Maybe it just wanted to be the subject of a blog.


The defined black wing pattern made it easy to identify. It’s range covers most of the eastern half of the country.

IMG_1016 crop

The white veining was so obvious while I was taking the pictures. Then, when I put the pictures in the computer, I noticed the back of its head … it looked hollow. Apparently this allows for efficient attachment of the neck and to increase head mobility.