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Looked Impossible

For some reason I have problems learning and  retaining information about clouds.

IMG_9043 red copy

My truck insisted we stop at Ingram Hill on the way home from town. Obviously, I’m glad it did.

IMG_9046  red

These clouds gradually drifted in from the west.

IMG_9048 red

How could there be long wispy ones, with ladder-like ones above?

IMG_9052 red

IMG_9065 red

Their appearance completely changed by the time we got home (1 1/4 miles away).

IMG_9069 red

I don’t even know enough to even make a guess about what I saw, and I didn’t find anything resembling them in a weather field guide.

Any information about them would be appreciated.


Stone Masonary part 2

This is the second of three blogs on this hike.

Nature’s elements sure had a vivid imagination when it came to the designs in the rocks of a short bluff on Eagle Mountain.

IMG_5716 red

The hike up the steep hill to this short bluff was more than strenuous.

IMG_4266 red

This picture shows steepest part of the slope.

IMG_4246 red

The yellowish sandstone above lacks the iron of the patterned sandstone below.

IMG_4232 red

There were so many combinations in the lines,

IMG_4249 red

  bending and folding,

IMG_4251 red alt

  repetitions in the layering,

IMG_4252 red altand a diversity in cavity shapes.

IMG_4254 red alt

Why was there so much more layering, instead of solid shapes?

IMG_4258 red alt

This one was sure a curiosity.

IMG_4259 red

I just don’t understand what could cause such a diversity of designs. It was faster erosion of the regular sandstone and the slower erosion of the sandstone with the iron. Still there had to be a force that created the original layering before the start of the erosion.