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Foggy Orbs … or … Orby Fog

Traffic lights on the highway showed that a light fog had moved in. I grabbed up my camera and headed out to see how it would look in pictures. The low fog came and went 5-6 times. It was low enough I could look up and see a cloudless sky and Orion. During all the in and out of the house fog watching, I ended up with over 120 pictures. Here are a few that illustrate the many possibilities of fog pictures.

IMG_5439 redThe fog had orbs!

This was the first picture I took at 8:15 p.m.

IMG_5449 redThe fog definitely had orbs,

IMG_5454 red

and it varied in denseness.

IMG_5468 red

Every picture was an adventure — I had no idea what to expect next.

IMG_5487 redThe fog lifted from around the pine and hackberry tree..

IMG_5492 red

Orbs stayed behind.

IMG_5552 red

Several pictures resembled this one.

IMG_5559 red

This looked more like an “orby fog”

IMG_5565 red

 and in this picture too.

IMG_5480 red

My last trip out at 9:45 p.m. was still foggy. There not being a single orb in my last few pictures shocked me.  Apparently the Spirit Beings that emanated the orbs wanted me to have this experience with the fog and orbs.

This picture also shows that these orbs were not, and could not, be formed by the camera lens.