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No Name Mushrooms

Buffy and I went for a morning walk through the woods at Stone Face.  The late October day was cloudy. No water ran in the creek. No flowers bloomed.

IMG_7930 red

These mushrooms practically lined part of a fallen dead tree.

IMG_7926 crop red

White shelf mushrooms also grew on the same log.

IMG_7937 crop red

I thought this configuration had an artistic appearance.

One of these shelf mushrooms had gills on the underside, and the other had pores.  I didn’t find either of these in any of  my six mushroom books.

It didn’t matter to me. I enjoyed them anyway. Besides, they don’t know what they are either.

I come from an artistic family and look at things from an artistic standpoint.

A Mystery Mushroom

 I just had to go on a hike and ended up returning to the site of the the mystery mushrooms I found the end of January and recently blogged.


The picture shows that these are shelf mushrooms and that they do curl upward as they age.


These few had just started curling.


They were scattered along a log approximately 9-10 feet long.


The top surfaces looked slightly velvety.


I plan to study the few mushroom books, hoping to identify them this time.

No luck.

A Slug Discovery

I made an exciting discovery this morning while moving log chunks.

IMG_6731 crop red

Three slugs were under one of the pieces of wood.

IMG_6734 crop red

These tiny eggs were under the same log. I’d never seen any like them before.

A quick online search for “slug eggs” answered my question.  The website showed that the more transparent ones were newly-layed.

IMG_6754 crop red

There was no shortage of roly polys under the wood.

IMG_6724 crop red

A grub didn’t like the disturbance and tried to get covered back up. Grubs are immature beetles.

… What are those tiny egg-looking things between the 2 sticks?