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Morning Surprise!

I opened the front door to see if it was still raining …


and there stood a bald eagle in the field across the highway.


I couldn’t see what it was eating on.


It didn’t allow three crows to share in its meal.


It had to be a mammal with a rib cage like that.


My husband estimated the distance to the eagle to be about 125 yards. I went back to the front door to take more pictures, and it had flown.


It wasn’t long before the eagle returned


… and another came for the deer meal too.


The light rain had quit.


 The eagle on the right pulled on a fresh deer skin


that someone had apparently dumped.


The eagle in the foreground looks to be a immature by its dingy-looking head.


This picture shows the remaining mottling on the underside of the younger one, and that its tail isn’t completely white yet.


They will return to feed as long as food remains. Others might come too.

Fox Celebration

As of now, I work my daily activities around the presence of the foxes. I took pictures this morning, early afternoon and then this series little after 5.

Timing is everything.


She caught me.


What was probably procrastinating, had her resting on their lookout,


AND THEN down she went. Out came a little one! There also a little furry “mound” behind the long rock.


AND THEN this picture shows three kits. The one on the left looks funny from the movement. The one under her looks like one of the rocks and the third one’s by her tail! And here I thought they were born recently or were about to be born. Apparently they were born earlier than my mammal book said.


She checked her territory out again before going under the barn.


The male headed to the corner of our backyard where he can get under the fence and on to find their next meal.

I Have A Mystery

I have spent a LOT of time out in nature for a lot of years,

IMG_6745 red

and I saw something this afternoon that I’ve never seen before. The strips of bark were on the east side of the tree. Something removed them up 10 feet or so.

IMG_6758 red

 There was no evidence of birds removing the bark.

IMG_6748 red

The bark looked like it was recently removed. I found no claw marks.

IMG_6752 alt red

I think the tree was an oak. The remaining leaves just looked like a jumbled mess.

IMG_6749 red

I have limited experience with mammal signs, except for deer. I saw a bobcat track on the road here once, and saw a bobcat here one time too. I was in the dry creek bed, looked up, and there  it stood, looking at me. It walk off.

My youngest son and a friend were squirrel hunting here with .22’s. Davis had a pistol and his friend with  rifle. Davis was at the edge of the road, and his friend was in the woods. A mountain lion walked in their direction, before it turned and meandered off up the hill. It never saw them. Southern Illinois didn’t have mountain lions until the last several years. I’ve never seen one and hope I never do.

Anyway, I would appreciate any suggestions that would explain this “bark removal.”