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Red Eared Slider

A  red-eared slider

“There’s a turtle in the back of the backyard,” shouted my husband.

I didn’t have any problems catching up with it. The angle it was walking toward the house made it easy to get close for taking pictures.

The male and female red-eared sliders both have a red patch on the side of their head.

They mate between mid-March and mid-June here in southern Illinois, and are active until mid October.

Widow Skimmers

Meet Libellula luctuosa, commonly known as “widow skimmer.” I saw this female on June 21.

and this male 4 days later.

Dragonflies and damselflies like our weed patch because of the insect smorgasbord it offers them. They perch on bare stalks and fly out to catch flying insects.

Dragonflies lay their eggs in or near water. We have an old small strip pit south of the house and a long one behind us. (We can see neither from the house.) Plus, I have a small water garden. Adults come to weedy places to feed and mature, then return to water to mate and lay their eggs.