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A Farewell To Ice

The temperature actually rose to 45 degrees this afternoon. We even had a heavy rain around noon, which included lightning and thunder twice.

 IMG_8186 red

Buffy and I just got in from a celebratory walk around the backyard. I talked kindly to the ice, paid homage to it because there had to be a reason for it. I just didn’t know what.

 IMG_8191 red

The ice stared back at me in several pictures.

 IMG_8206 red

Ice only remained in the north side of the house, barn, trees and our shrub border.

 IMG_8207 crop red

Some ice sheets remained above the ground and leaves.

IMG_8209 crop red

This ice “spirit” didn’t look too happy to be melting.

IMG_8216 crop red

It looked to me like every tiny “circle” had originally be a ball of sleet. The storm that resulted in this was from hours of sleeting and occasional freezing rain.

IMG_8214 crop red

Water was under the melting ice and pooled on the top too.

IMG_8250 alt red

I had the impression that the ice melting from the top released teeny air bubbles from what had been sleet pellets,

IMG_8217 red

where they congregated in groups.

IMG_8245 red

Maybe this one was excited to melt and be off to the next rain, ice or snow event.

IMG_8303 red

The head of an ice snake was all the ice that remained in the puddle by the side door.

The clouds cleared by suppertime. The wind lessened. The sun disappeared behind a pale darkening  sunset.

… two weeks to the day after the sleet/freezing rain storm.


Ice and Sleet

Ice severely curtailed my activities. Even walking in the yard was a challenge.

IMG_7616 crop red

Temperatures remained in the teens.

Apparently, enough ice formed in the cup-shaped leaf’, that it then held the weight of additional freezing rain and sleet.

IMG_7619 red

The crystalline designs fascinated me.

IMG_7635 crop red

Ice covered the leaves in the magnolia tree. Then the weight of it bent the trunks of the young tree,

IMG_7636 crop red

resulting in sideways positioned icicles.

IMG_7631 crop red

IMG_7696 red crop

IMG_7705 alt crop red

IMG_7716 crop red

IMG_7720 red

Ice remained on leaves of one side of the magnolia tree and was off on the other side. Many of the leaves without ice had turned brown.

IMG_7727 red

IMG_7748 red

The driveway and short hill down to the highway show little sign of melting.

So, here I stay.

Farewell to Snow

After being snowed/iced in for almost 2 weeks, Buffy and I headed to my rural property for a morning hike. I heard running water in the creek before we reached the ravine.

IMG_7077 red

IMG_7083 red

After “oohing and aahing” a bit, I ended up noticing the designs that snow falling from the trees made in the snow below.

IMG_7094 red alt

The angle of the sun was just right to showcase them.

IMG_7101 alt red

Snow melting contributed to their designs too.

IMG_7104 red alt

 My pictures didn’t do them justice. I didn’t know how to set my camera to compensate for the bright snow.

IMG_7154 crop alt red

IMG_7147 crop alt red

IMG_7144 alt red

These discs measured 4-5 inches across.

IMG_7108 red

The east-facing slope had less snow than the west-facing one did.

IMG_7129 alt red

This last one measured over 12 inches from top to bottom and 3 or more inches tall. I couldn’t figure out how it formed. There were concentric oval “lines” and a slight depression in the center. Maybe it rolled and fell to the side, resulting in the design. Nothing made sense …

It had to be magic.