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Monkey Slug aka Hag Moth

(I’m so glad to finally be back to my blogging. I’ve been under the influence of a computer virus.)

Yes, this is a caterpillar that goes be the name either monkey slug, hag moth or Phobetron pithecium. The first one I saw looked like a small piece of carpet on the leaf. That was in the late 80’s.

IMG_5343 crop red 2

This was the second one I saw, and it was in my yard summer before last. Obviously, they aren’t common … or they’re easily overlooked. The head end is the one with the short “arms.” The arms are deciduous.

IMG_5559 crop red 2

The moth caterpillar molted soon after I found it in late September. There’s disagreement as to whether the caterpillar has stinging hairs or not. I found both opinions in my research.

IMG_5711 crop red 2

I wondered if the bright yellow at the end of the arms was for a diversionary tactic of some sort.

IMG_5907 crop red 2

These caterpillars are found in shrubby fields, woodlands and forests from Quebec to Maine, and south to Florida and Arkansas. The long list of their host  plants includes a long list of trees and woody shrubs.

IMG_6012 crop red 2