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We Had FOG!

We woke to dense fog and the temperature below freezing.

IMG_9637 red

My first thought was to get my camera and get pictures of the fog. Somehow fog becomes orbs in the pictures.

I went outside later when I saw ice on the branches of the hackberry tree by our house.

IMG_9681 red

The fog had frozen and crystallized on small surfaces like this spider web.

IMG_9679 red

It was all to small to show just how the ice had formed from teeny beads of ice.

IMG_9694 red

The drop remaining on the twig and the hanging strand were both frozen.

IMG_9701 red

This picture absolutely blew my mind. I can’t explain how this “happened” unless there were dry sections in the strand of spider silk.

IMG_9706 crop red

The ice’s existence all looked impossible …

IMG_9708 crop red

 and to stay suspended like that. If you look close in the two pictures above, you can see the spider’s silk.

IMG_9712 crop red

This one measured a half-inch long at the most.

IMG_9735 crop red 2

The fluff on a dried milkweed plant … well, it’s holding a lot of ice. Notice the larger ice ball on the lower right. It shows how water reverses the reflections … the sky is along the bottom.

IMG_9747 red

I took this last picture at noon to show how much fog still remained.

Fog Two Ways

The ground’s finally thawing after our last heavy snow … which wasn’t too long after the first heavy ice/snow event.

The warming and yesterday’s rain resulted in a dense fog this morning.


The truck’s headlights are near the edge of our yard. If you look close at the back end of our neighbor’s shrub row, you’ll see another semi coming toward us.


 It’s 9 a.m. and the fog still shows no sign of lifting.


 There’s fog and then there’s fog.


I took several pictures of the fog from the front porch at 6 o’clock this morning.


I set my camera on the low light setting and used the flash to take orb pictures. It can be a fun experiment.

Spiders in the Night

Every time I come in

IMG_3933 red

from taking orb pictures in the backyard

IMG_3899 crop red

I see spiders on the side of the house. They’re either in their web, repairing it or building one. A quick flashlight-count found 29 of various sizes.

None of the spiders are on their webs during the day.

Oh What a Night!

It all started about 8:30 p.m. when a storm quickly came through (Wednesday).

IMG_2709 alt red

 IMG_2725 alt red

Buffy and I went out at 9, like we usually do to take orb pictures.  There were almost no orbs, and then I noticed all the in-cloud lightning all around us. I decided we’d better get in the house. We weren’t in 2 minutes before a heavy rain began falling.

IMG_2744 red

If it’s raining outside, I have 2 doors and 3 windows I take pictures out of. It’s according to the direction of the wind.

I was then busy until almost 11. Then I realized that lightning still flashed in all directions. Since I have night blindness, I asked my husband to drive me down to what we call the “landfill road” a couple miles south of the house.

IMG_2768 red

Ron backed the truck in a parking area just off the highway and parked facing south toward the storm. Lightning flashed, lots of lightning flashed all around us. Constant flashing. We watched in-cloud lightning, cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning, all flashing almost constantly. My first picture shows my excitement over the experience and no notice of camera angle. IMG_2777 red

I held my camera out the window with the button part way down and tried to get pictures when flashes occured. The horizontal colored bars are on a semi.

IMG_2786 red

Well, I just happened to push the shutter button just as a bolt of lightning went from cloud to ground. The camera was on the low-light setting, and this resulted.

IMG_2799 red

The lightning looked much more impressive in person than in these pictures. The storm continued on its way south.

So, basically, the storm/lightning lasted from 8:30 p.m. until almost midnight. Must have been a lot of purification and energizing for the Earth and atmosphere going on! It was the most amazing experience, and I hope you enjoyed it too. 



Elemental Orbs

I often try photographing orbs while hiking. Sometimes it works. The water had a healthy flow on this spring trip on Eagle Mountain.

IMG_1922 crop red

My picture-taking alternated between the trees and the tumbling, bubbling water.

IMG_1862 crop

Imagine my surprise when orbs appeared in some of the water pictures.

IMG_2068 crop

Orbs are said to emanate from Spirit Beings, in this case the undines, the water spirits.

IMG_1883 crop too

I’m convinced that my camera takes over to get some of the pictures like this one. The inner rings are indicative of spirit orbs, not like the ones resulting from dust, pollen, water particles in the air that can result in orbs too. Those lack any internal structure.

IMG_1899 crop red

I didn’t see these orbs in the trees until I got the pictures in the computer. These orbs were from sylphs, the air spirits.

IMG_1900 crop red

You can tell by the trails they left that they’re fast movers. It was also a way to let me know who they were.

IMG_2031 crop

Orbs are said to be spheres, not discs …. so, how do I explain this cone-shaped one?

Elementals, without getting into too much information, are forces of nature — earth, water, air and fire. Elementals are the building blocks of nature, according to Ted Andrews in his “Enchantment of the Faerie Realm” book. Undines are water spirits, Sylphs the air spirits, Salamanders the fire spirits and Gnomes the earth spirits. These are not to be confused with our usual conception of a gnome depicted in books.

I’m still trying to figure out how to photograph the salamanders and gnomes.

I’ve photographed water a LOT for over the last 20 years, and have never had an orb in one picture until recently when I learned about them. Now they must respond to me and my affinity for running water, because I find them in pictures of every hike that includes water and the sun shining.


Foggy Orbs … or … Orby Fog

Traffic lights on the highway showed that a light fog had moved in. I grabbed up my camera and headed out to see how it would look in pictures. The low fog came and went 5-6 times. It was low enough I could look up and see a cloudless sky and Orion. During all the in and out of the house fog watching, I ended up with over 120 pictures. Here are a few that illustrate the many possibilities of fog pictures.

IMG_5439 redThe fog had orbs!

This was the first picture I took at 8:15 p.m.

IMG_5449 redThe fog definitely had orbs,

IMG_5454 red

and it varied in denseness.

IMG_5468 red

Every picture was an adventure — I had no idea what to expect next.

IMG_5487 redThe fog lifted from around the pine and hackberry tree..

IMG_5492 red

Orbs stayed behind.

IMG_5552 red

Several pictures resembled this one.

IMG_5559 red

This looked more like an “orby fog”

IMG_5565 red

 and in this picture too.

IMG_5480 red

My last trip out at 9:45 p.m. was still foggy. There not being a single orb in my last few pictures shocked me.  Apparently the Spirit Beings that emanated the orbs wanted me to have this experience with the fog and orbs.

This picture also shows that these orbs were not, and could not, be formed by the camera lens.

My Camera?

Buffy and I were on our way back to the truck. The sun occasionally peeked through the thin clouds. As usual, the running, bubbling, rolling water caught my attention. I started taking pictures. The sun was opposite me. I didn’t change any of the camera’s settings.

And then, and then something took over my camera, and these are some of the resulting pictures.

IMG_3815 red

I tried to have the sun reflecting on the water.

IMG_3816 red

IMG_3867 red

IMG_3872 red

Occasionally I succeeded. I have no explanation for the white star pulling the white of the light out behind it

IMG_3875 red

IMG_3878 red

The sun wasn’t as bright in this one as I expected.

IMG_3879 red

Reflections on and around rocks took on interesting shapes.

IMG_3890 red

Many reflections turned into radiating stars or brilliant dots.

IMG_3907 red

The sun reflects in the lower right with a ring of deep red around it.

IMG_3903 red

Blue, for some reason, rims these reflections and

 IMG_3908 red

orange rims mainly the reflections on the left. I wondered what the deciding factor was that created either the blue or orange rims.

IMG_3883 crop alt red

 And, yes, whoever was using the camera, also got orbs in several pictures.

This wasn’t the first time my camera took over with the picture effects. I can’t wait to see the results the next time it happens.