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Front Porch Visitor

Last week was a busy week for mammals in our yard.

IMG_2959 red

Young rabbits seemed to eat often.

IMG_3988 crop red

The groundhog still thought the barn was for her and her one young.

IMG_3763 crop red

Foxes moved in and considered the barn theirs. The groundhogs took the north side and the foxes the south. They all left after two days of that.

A young squirrel walked out into the back back of our yard. It was too far for a picture.

Then yesterday …..

It got exciting around here.

I opened the front door and heard the “huffing” sound of a mad or injured animal. I couldn’t see it because it was in the narrow space between the two steps and the side of the house. The ferocious sounds convinced me to stay in and keep Buffy in. The angle wasn’t right to see anything from the kitchen window.  My husband got home, checked the critter. I called the sheriff department, who called animal control, who came out immediately.

He and my husband got it into a cage.

IMG_4415 red

A young otter! It was MAD!

(And I’m sure scared).

IMG_4417 crop red

I got a good look at its mouth full of sharp pointed teeth. That and its vicious noises and attitude, convinced me to keep the storm door between me and it, even though it was caged. It could have squeezed through one side of the door where it was bent.

IMG_4419 crop red

That definitely added excitement to our afternoon!


I walked into the kitchen to get a can of pop. A white animal was sort of running across the parking lot of the red building that used to be a restaurant. It turned quickly around when it neared the highway. It started my direction. I ran for the camera, went out through the shop and stood beside the bed of my truck. At first I thought it was a cat, only it wasn’t cat shape. I concentrated on getting a picture.

It came across our neighbor’s yard, went toward the highway, under the corner of her fence, changed direction when got close to the highway again  and started toward me. It hadn’t seen me. I had an “OH ____” moment. When it got 10 or so feet from me. I moved, and it hightailed it back across our side yard and between our neighbor’s house and garage.

IMG_3002 red

I didn’t see it again.

IMG_3000 red

Obviously, it was not a cat; it was a partial albino otter!

I called my youngest son. He said there used to be albino otters at the strip pit behind our house. I don’t remember that. The otter was heading toward another strip pit southwest of our house.

I’ve only seen otters once and that was when I took my youngest son trout fishing at Montauk State Park in Missouri. An adult and  2 young were playing in the small lake part of the park. I have seen the fish-scale evidence of otter’s feeding at 2 places.

But … I would’ve never expected to see one in my yard, much less a partial albino!