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IMG_6892 crop red

Crab spiders have the ability to change color to match that of the flower they’re on. In this case, it’s among wingstem flowers. This is a female crab spider. Males are much smaller.

Her prey looks like a tachina fly.


Here’s another example of predation:

IMG_4941 crop

I blogged this chrysalis earlier this summer. It was attached to the side of our garbage container.

IMG_1868 crop red

It belonged to a tawny emperor butterfly.

IMG_6299 crop red

A couple of weeks later another chrysalis was attached to the side of the container. I knew it was parasitized when it started turning dark.

Then came even another predator.


Moth Caterpillar Mystery


 I do “duh” moments well. In this case it involved a tussock moth caterpillar.

Buffy and I usually walk around the yard one or two times a day. We get a little exercise, and I look for things to photograph.


I took this picture and the one above on June 28,


and this one on June 30.


Why was the caterpillar still in the same position? Was it full grown? I didn’t think so.


Then, yesterday (July 3rd) I had a “duh” moment.

 The caterpillar hadn’t moved or grown because it had been parasitized, probably by a wasp, and the wasp had emerged.