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Shadowy Trees


I’ve debated with myself on whether to post pictures of trees with light and shadow patterns on their trunks. The wind and/or breezes blow the leaves and branches back and forth, adding movement to the shadow designs.


The changing positions of the sun change the shadows. For some reason the wind moving the shadows fascinates me.  I wonder if the wind is sometimes involved. There could be a request for slight movements or different degrees of active. Their positions are on the trunks on the east side in the morning and the west in the afternoon. They are so varied and become mesmerizing.


I wonder if anything can be “read” into the shadow designs? Is it a secret language? Maybe the earth made a request from the sun for some reason. Or it could be a kind of writing, and then the tree does what it’s meant to do.


The messages could travel inside the trunk,


and either down into the earth, or up and out into the sky.


  This would then transfer the energies to where they’re requested.


… Then there’s the huge oak across the highway. It definitely has a position of distinction. It could be transferring the energies and/or messages to where they’re requested.

 The highway department recently cut of several long limbs so they wouldn’t fall on the highway. That upset me. It’s such a huge majestic tree.

My husband stepped it off, and the crown spread of the tree is 35 yards.


 The base of the oak grows at the top of a little slope, only feet from the highway. It must receive messages for itself  and then send them to where they’re requested.


The oak grows directly across the highway from our kitchen. I’m definitely attached to it after living across from it for 40 years.

 This makes me curious about the spirit world and their possible activities.

… and I will continue to watch the shadows on the tree trunks.

Morning Light

The picture window by my computer faces east. Thick trees on our neighbor’s property and an old strip pit hill block any view beyond.


The early sun creates patterns of light and shadow on the irises at the edge of my butterfly garden.


The shadows create abstract patterns..


Squint when looking at this flower. It enhances the design.


   This iris was just beginning to open yesterday when I was taking pictures of the irises above. I think I’ll name it the dramatic beauty.


I almost forgot I had this iris. What a beauty!

A Wow Sunset

I sat in my rocker/recliner by the picture window in our living room recently.


The sunset had just begun at 5:35 p.m.


Fifteen minutes later …


I hurried out in the front yard and started snapping pictures,


zooming out,


and zooming back in.


The clouds looked like a sandy barren landscape.


… just so many patterns to look at!


Then I changed a camera setting so I could extend this special time.


The view was so wide, I kept changing the angle of the camera.


I remained mesmerized.


The earth’s rotation became obvious with the clouds getting lower in the sky.


Obviously, I’ll continue to check the sunsets every night.

Dragonflies in the Evening


  I find myself making evening rounds of the backyard, photographing dragonflies.


 They don’t know what they are, so why should I worry over knowing what they are?


I come from an artistic family, and I find myself enjoying the lights and darks, the contrast and colors,


plus the overall design.


The abdomen on this one looks like it didn’t emerge correctly.


I concentrated on having two dragonflies in the same picture.

IMG_3717 crop

This picture has contrast and an abstract design too.

Now I wonder what I’ll find tomorrow night?

I’m Back — Finally

I’m so excited to have my computer back and to be back online!

We had snow, then a heavier snow, then freezing rain and then sleet. This translated into my not leaving the property for two weeks. I want to keep my person in one piece.

Heavy rain is forecast for Tuesday with highs in the 50’s. I can’t wait. Here are a few of the pictures I took during this time.


I took this picture last night about sunset. The snow/sleet was pretty firm, and I seldom broke through as I walked.


Obviously, momma fox is pregnant! More about the foxes in a later blog.


Jelly fungi hydrated from all the moisture.


The layer of sleet fascinated me with the patterns it made.


A couple days of warmer weather started melting the snow/sleet from underneath too.

Backlit Fall Leaves

I came across these fall pictures while looking for other pictures. They were taken the end of October.


The combination of the colors, patterns and backlighting of the sumac leaves


created dramatic results.


I admired them for several days then,


and felt like sharing them today for a pick-me-up on this a cloudy, rainy, cold fall day.

Along the Creek

Every hike along this small creek varies from the recent weather, the weather of the day and probably from my mood too.

IMG_2849 red

Small creeks hold just as much enjoyment and intrigue as larger ones.

IMG_2869 red

Rippling water created constantly changing patterns of light and shadow.

IMG_2843 red

This creek has more than its share of petrified wood for some reason. Petrified wood always fascinates me that wood became stone through a loooong process.

IMG_2828 red

Green algae made quite a contrast with drab colors of winter.

IMG_2831 red

 I just paused and took it all in before

IMG_2840 red

going in closer to photograph falling water

IMG_2857 red

and ice formations.

IMG_2877 red

As you can tell, movement of light and shadows fascinate me.

IMG_2861 red

As do bubbles. It’s hard to tell in this picture, but each bubble I photograph had my reflection on it.

IMG_2893 red

A thin layer of clear ice covered a shallow pool off to the side of the creek.

IMG_2894. redOh my.

IMG_2898 red

It’s obvious why artists use nature for inspiration.