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Dragonflies in the Evening


  I find myself making evening rounds of the backyard, photographing dragonflies.


 They don’t know what they are, so why should I worry over knowing what they are?


I come from an artistic family, and I find myself enjoying the lights and darks, the contrast and colors,


plus the overall design.


The abdomen on this one looks like it didn’t emerge correctly.


I concentrated on having two dragonflies in the same picture.

IMG_3717 crop

This picture has contrast and an abstract design too.

Now I wonder what I’ll find tomorrow night?

Elemental Orbs

I often try photographing orbs while hiking. Sometimes it works. The water had a healthy flow on this spring trip on Eagle Mountain.

IMG_1922 crop red

My picture-taking alternated between the trees and the tumbling, bubbling water.

IMG_1862 crop

Imagine my surprise when orbs appeared in some of the water pictures.

IMG_2068 crop

Orbs are said to emanate from Spirit Beings, in this case the undines, the water spirits.

IMG_1883 crop too

I’m convinced that my camera takes over to get some of the pictures like this one. The inner rings are indicative of spirit orbs, not like the ones resulting from dust, pollen, water particles in the air that can result in orbs too. Those lack any internal structure.

IMG_1899 crop red

I didn’t see these orbs in the trees until I got the pictures in the computer. These orbs were from sylphs, the air spirits.

IMG_1900 crop red

You can tell by the trails they left that they’re fast movers. It was also a way to let me know who they were.

IMG_2031 crop

Orbs are said to be spheres, not discs …. so, how do I explain this cone-shaped one?

Elementals, without getting into too much information, are forces of nature — earth, water, air and fire. Elementals are the building blocks of nature, according to Ted Andrews in his “Enchantment of the Faerie Realm” book. Undines are water spirits, Sylphs the air spirits, Salamanders the fire spirits and Gnomes the earth spirits. These are not to be confused with our usual conception of a gnome depicted in books.

I’m still trying to figure out how to photograph the salamanders and gnomes.

I’ve photographed water a LOT for over the last 20 years, and have never had an orb in one picture until recently when I learned about them. Now they must respond to me and my affinity for running water, because I find them in pictures of every hike that includes water and the sun shining.


An Afternoon Hike

It wasn’t hard for my new 4-year-old grandson to convince me to take him on his first hike.

IMG_1029 crop redWe headed for a local lake where Buffy and I hike often. We followed the lake trail when we got there.

IMG_1028 crop redI couldn’t resist the urge to see if any orbs were joining us.

IMG_1070 red

Photographing daytime orbs requires sun and a shadowed area/tree to position the orbs in front of. Thin cloud cover makes photographing them easier too.

IMG_1063 red

I always hold my left hand up to block the sunlight from my eyes and use the camera’s display to locate the sun and orbs.

Jaxson, Buffy and I had a lot of fun. Looks like maybe the orbs did too.

Orbs and an Ice Storm

I couldn’t stay inside one night last week after many hours of rain, sleet and an ice storm. The temperature had warmed enough that a rain/sleet mix fell when I went out.

I had to stay on the front porch because of the ice.

IMG_1437 red

The trees limited my areas for photographing orbs.  All the tiny “sparks” were rain, and there are 3 orbs on the left. The orbs didn’t show until after the pictures were taken.

IMG_1457 red

I went through the house to the side door. There’s no awning there. All I could do was stick my hand out under the corner of the screen where the cats use to go outside. I held my left hand over the camera to keep it dry.

IMG_1460 red

 The side door gave me 2 angles for taking pictures.

IMG_1462 red

 The orb near the orange outside light was moving, leaving a trail behind it. This shows it’s not rain, because it was going upward, not down. I have no explanation for the 3 tiny, side-by-side what looks like tiny moving orbs (to the right and up some from the moving orb). I found them in 2 of the 56 pictures I took.

IMG_1464 red

The two large dim orbs might’ve been from a different kind of spirit, or  maybe emanated this way for a reason. Small orbs appeared in pairs in some of these pictures. They do this often, and I assume it’s to let me be sure they’re not rain drops catching the camera’s flash.IMG_1466 red

One thing about taking orb pictures is surprise of what’s in the picture after it’s taken. A picture can be full of orbs, and the next one of the same area taken immediately after usually has none or very few.

IMG_1467 red

Notice how many paired orbs are in this picture.

By this time I was getting cold. I hadn’t exactly dressed right for all this fun.

IMG_1481 red

My last pictures were of our security light, and the orbs that came to be in the pictures. I’ve learned how to take orb pictures during the day when it’s sunny and with thin clouds. These 2 green orbs are in so many of my daytime pictures.

I decided to go on to bed, and let the orbs do what they came here to do.


Orbs are said to be emanations (to come from a source) of Spirit Beings.

Orb Mystery

It all started in the middle of November when I found the orbdelight blog site. She told how to go out at night and take pictures using a flash. I did, and I found orbs. Orbs are said to be emanations of Spirit Beings.

This picture was taken after a blizzard that  left us with 14 inches of snow.

IMG_4934 red

Then early one morning I actually got this picture of a spirit. Seven others placed themselves so they would be in pictures too.

Photographing orbs has been frustrating for me at times, because I have night blindness. This obviously limits my orb-picture-taking to my 2-acre yard.


The next additition to my orb questing came when I least expected it.

IMG_5746 crop red copy

This cropped picture above shows a spirit — the cream-colored “line” — across the two trees. If you look on to the right, there’s a faint trail of energy left behind the moving spirit. Then if you look on to the arrow on the right edge of the picture, you’ll see a small green spot. I had no idea what that was until last week.

Buffy and I hiked the trail around Jone’s Lake. The cloudy sky reminded me of the picture above. So, I stopped twice to take pictures with the sun in or near the picture. No orbs showed on the camera’s display. The rest of the pictures were cropped so the orbs can be easily seen.

IMG_7339 crop redI took 11 pictures and didn’t see the kelly green orbs until I got the pictures in the computer. I also wondered about the area with the pale violet color shape. It’s rounded on the bottom and fades into the background at top. Is it an orb? The kelly green spot is definitely an orb.

IMG_7342 crop red

This picture was taken from the same spot. Notice how the color energy is fainter and how the kelly green orb changed its position.

The next 4 cropped pictures were taken from the same spot and notice how the green orb still kept changing positions.

IMG_7400 crop 2

IMG_7404 crop red

IMG_7402 crop red

IMG_7407 crop red

So, now I’m wondering if I have a new “hiking companion?”

I hope so.

A Fox Stare

I take most of my fox pictures through the picture window by my computer. With them staying so close to the barn for some reason now, I also take a few from a window in my husband’s bow room.

My son-in-law suggested I put a blind where I could get closer for my pictures.  That would never work. The mother sees me by the window. I have to wear drab clothes and move slowly. My husband even said last night that he’s thought about making a hole in the back of our old concrete block garage. It would put me much closer. That wouldn’t fool her.

I’ve taken 7 pictures with her staring straight at me. I can feel her stare, and I’m sure she feels mine. We must have an understanding of some sort. Here are 2 of the pictures.

Her stare from the water garden at 29 yards

This stare is from 58 yards. I stepped them both off.

She’s aware of our routine daily activities. I get used to their routine, and then it changes. It has changed since hot weather has returned. She knows we have a big dog, and Buffy’s never had anything like them in her territory.

I’m satisfied observing from this distance, and they seem comfortable with it.