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No Explanation

I haven’t come to a conclusion on what I saw yesterday morning.

It all was quite a surprise!

IMG_2102 red

Most of the dandelion flowers were short, because they were below the mower blades when my husband mowed over the weekend.

IMG_2123 red

If you look close, you’ll see stalks that grew after they were mowed.

IMG_2111 red

Dandelion seed heads remained intact on the mowed side of the weed patch.

IMG_2088 red

How did this seed head end up intact and a foot-and-a-half high in a dried aster plant?

IMG_2097 red

This green stink bug probably spent the night there.

Prairie Dock

Prairie dock posed all kinds of photographic challenges.

 IMG_5973 alt red

Two grow in my gardens. The oldest plant grows in my weed patch, and the youngest, a volunteer, grows nearby  among a patch of sedums. The blooming stalks on both of them stand 10-11 feet tall.

IMG_6277 alt red 2 The leaves on the older plant are from waist to shoulder high

IMG_6248 crop alt red

The flowers usually face the south for some reason. This complicates picture-taking with the denseness of the weed patch.

 IMG_6153 red

 IMG_6256 red

 IMG_6255 crop red

Prairie dock (Silphium terebinthinaceum) is a native plant growing on glades and in prairies.

I knew prairie dock had a taproot from trying to move a young plant. Then when researching for the blog, I found out the plants are slow to develop and are nearly indestructible when mature. It is a long-lived plant with a taproot growing down 12 feet or more. They may send offsets a short distance from the mother plant.

Now, I think I might have management issues to control the plant. Think need to remove the 2 young plants, because they grow where I don’t want them to. I’m sure glad I blogged prairie dock and found this out before things became any more of a problem

IMG_6689 red.

I Wonder …

I wonder if a spring and/or summer starts out dry and goes into a severe drought, if a plant might bloom but not use all of its buds at that time?

What else would explain a small group of flowers on this butterflyweed during first week of September? The plant bloomed in June, but didn’t produce any seedpods.

What would cause these seedpods to start growing when there had been no flowers blooming? Were the earlier flowers pollinated and ready to grow and develop, but the drought was to severe or heat to severe that the seeds wouldn’t have developed right?  (The pods started growing before the above flowers bloomed.)

So, does the plant or is the plant able to postpone in hopes of more conducive weather?