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The Groundhogs are Back

The groundhog family’s more active in the yard now.

There are 4 young ones.

The above picture takes a little imagination. The young groundhog came out from under the barn, turned sideways, put its front legs up and stretched.

Some of the others wanted to come out and play too … climb on ? mom or dad?

The grass is usually food for their meals.

I would sure like to know what’s going on in this picture.  There must be something interesting going on just out of the picture.

I don’t know why they stay out for a short time before disappearing back under the barn.

That will probably change as they grow older.

The Wind and Trees

IMG_7255 alt red

The wind plays in the trees.

The trees play in the wind.

The wind gusted to 40. I could hear all the fun while watching the limbs sway and bounce.

IMG_7262 crop red

I could hear and feel all the excitement of this weather, like in a children’s picture book I have, titled “Dancing the Breeze,” by George Shannon (published 1991). The father takes his young daughter out, and they dance with the wind among  the flowers.

Even though today was mostly cloudy and so windy, it still had such an excited feel to it … I must have been playing too, trying to capture movement in pictures (which didn’t work).

More Fox Family Pictures

I just have to share all the fun and excitement I’m having with the fox family living under our barn. They came out around 9 a.m.  yesterday morning (Friday) to play before napping until early afternoon. At first I thought there were 3 young, then yesterday I watched 4. (I do have to take the pictures from inside in my computer room, through a double-paned picture window. This affects the quality somewhat.)

Morning play time

Play time


Keeping an eye out … for maybe a big dog?

Who’s top fox?

Then it was nap time again until evening romp time. The male brought dinner in. I couldn’t tell what it was until he carried it off. It was a groundhog.

Dinner time

Had groundhog for dinner

The following pictures were from this morning’s (Saturday) play time. Yesterday they stayed closer to the barn. This morning they ran around  and around and around, making it difficult to get pictures. At one time I counted 5 young. Yesterday, the highest number was 4. They were fed again, but I couldn’t tell what it was. They’re back under the barn sleeping as I write this. They came out last night right after we came in. I was weeding, and my husband was shooting his bow. The foxes know our routine.

Frisky this morning!

Breakfast arrives

Dad drinks out of water garden

Finishing breakfast

“It’s my turn to bring home the “bacon”

Always cautious

Hope you enjoyed your glimpse into the family life of red foxes. They sure are at the top of my priority list right now!