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Trilliums in my Spring Garden

IMG_2064 gar

 My spring wildflower garden grows between a pine on the left and a hackberry tree on the right. The middle tree is a sweet gum, and it grows 15 feet or so back from the garden.

(I wrote this blog around a month ago.)

IMG_2101 red

Purple trilliums (Trillium recurvatum) are the most common trillium in southern Illinois. All trilliums have parts in threes — three leaves, three petals (which stand upright) and three sepals (angling downward from the base of the flower). The purple ones grow 12- to 17 inches tall in my garden.


White trilliums (trillium flexipes) are scattered in the woods. They grow to 14 inches tall, and are not as numerous as the purple trilliums.

IMG_1926 red

Only one yellow trillium (Trillium luteum) grows in my spring wildflower garden. It was a gift from a friend several years ago. It only stands ten inches tall and easily hides among the other trilliums.


A Ladybug

Ladybugs overwinter as adults.


My first ladybug of the year just happened to be on a purple trillium in my spring wildflower garden.

IMG_9397 crop 2

It must be either the pine or the hackberry tree that’s dropping all the pollen.


IMG_7230 red

Ladybugs overwinter as adults. Here’s a picture I took March of 2012 in the bluff at Stone Face. This definitely wasn’t anywhere near all of them!

Surprise, Surprise

March 8, another cloudy day… after a rainy day yesterday. So, I took advantage of the little sunshine in the afternoon.


The Virginia bluebells (Mertensia virginica) were just starting to bloom.

IMG_8977 crop

 I had quite a surprise when I went through my pictures and found a young praying mantis hiding among the flowers.


Only six or seven purple trilliums (Trillium recurvatum) bloomed.

IMG_8981 crop

One of them also had a young praying mantis hiding down in the leaf. I just didn’t expect to see them early in April.

(A visitor to my blog pointed out that this as a Zeus assassin bug nymph. I was looking at the body, especially the abdomen and not the head. Oops.)

Purple Trillium

IMG_1780 red

Purple trilliums bloom in two clumps in my spring wildflower garden.

IMG_1746 red

Each plant has three leaves.

IMG_1747 alt red

Each flower has 3 petals.

IMG_1778 alt red

The scientific name trillium recurvatum refers to the 3 recurved green sepals.

Six anthers crowd around the pistil.


“Aaaaaah … spring.”