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Solitary Rabbit


This young rabbit came up from the backyard and just sat in one place as I worked on the computer late yesterday afternoon. I had the impression that it wanted the same attention as the groundhogs had for weeks.


Yard Residents


 I have no idea what changed with our rabbit population. They have been uncommon for several years until  this year.


A little later an adult groundhog sat upright near where the rabbit had been. I think it saw me through the picture window and decided to high-tail it to the safety of the weed patch.


Then this afternoon, I took my youngest grandson out in the backyard. The groundhog watched our approach. Buffy saw it and started almost stalking toward it. The groundhog didn’t like the intense staring and retreated back under the barn.

The young ones will watch me from same spot as the adult above. So, when one is watching me, I carry on a one-way conversation with it as I walk past. Maybe someday I’ll get a reply.