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Backyard Perch

The pair of groundhogs raised a family of four under our barn. I’m not seeing all of them now, so I’m wondering if the young ones have dispersed?


This was the first time I’ve seen a groundhog on the


“platform” the red foxes used regularly when they lived under the barn late last winter.


The groundhogs raised four this summer.


The vixen and four kits usually stayed outside and near the barn; the male hunted for food.

IMG_4713 blog

Buffy took a dim view of any others living in her territory!

It will be interesting to see who lives where next year.

There ARE Five!

Recent weather has been wet and cold, with strong storms last night. I didn’t seen the foxes for days. I even thought they’d moved somewhere else.


 I fixed my lunch, started for the living room and there were the foxes!


This picture definitely shows that there are five kits. They sure match the colors of the shaded rocks.

IMG_9073 crop

They were an active little bunch, investigating, playing, a lot of practice pouncing.

IMG_9074 crop

There didn’t seem to be any sibling rivalry.


I’m not sure, but I think this was a young groundhog. I couldn’t think of anything else that would be that color.


The little one could smell what had just been brought in for “lunch.”

They played for an hour and a half before going back under the barn, probably for a nap.


Early evening play.

Obviously, the light is better for pictures later in the day.


Usually the parent checks out the yard for any possible problems/intruders before the young come out.


And then there are six! (Four on the left and two on the right.)



A Fox Stare

I take most of my fox pictures through the picture window by my computer. With them staying so close to the barn for some reason now, I also take a few from a window in my husband’s bow room.

My son-in-law suggested I put a blind where I could get closer for my pictures.  That would never work. The mother sees me by the window. I have to wear drab clothes and move slowly. My husband even said last night that he’s thought about making a hole in the back of our old concrete block garage. It would put me much closer. That wouldn’t fool her.

I’ve taken 7 pictures with her staring straight at me. I can feel her stare, and I’m sure she feels mine. We must have an understanding of some sort. Here are 2 of the pictures.

Her stare from the water garden at 29 yards

This stare is from 58 yards. I stepped them both off.

She’s aware of our routine daily activities. I get used to their routine, and then it changes. It has changed since hot weather has returned. She knows we have a big dog, and Buffy’s never had anything like them in her territory.

I’m satisfied observing from this distance, and they seem comfortable with it.