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Berry Eaters

I sat, working at the computer. The picture window to my left offers a view of our backyard.

IMG_8922 crop red

The rain stopped. Bird activity increased on the cistern. The bird in the front is a cedar waxwing and the other a robin. Fruit that fell from the nearby hackberry tree attracted their attention.

Cedar waxwings travel in small flocks, looking for berries to eat. Their call is a faint high pitched whistle.

Robin Nest

IMG_3839 red

A tangle of honeysuckle vines concealed the robin nest.

A Backwards Blog

There are white berries on white dogwood trees along the back of our yard. This answered my question from the other night.

Conditions sometimes dictate the quality of my pictures. This was one of those times. Needless to say, I took the following pictures through a dirty window and the screen.

A few nights ago, I walked into the bedroom and saw a young bird perched on the remains of an overgrown evergreen shrub that my husband cut way back. It looked like a young robin to me.

It looked like a robin to me, until a brown thrasher flew in and fed it! It happened to fast to get a picture. Then I was confused. I’d never seen a young brown thrasher. I just kept snapping pictures.

The brown thrasher returned with “dinner” that wasn’t intended for the robin this time.

The young napped.

Just what it was waiting for.

Looked like it wanted more.

It preened.

This time I could see what was being fed … only I didn’t know what it was. It wasn’t until I had the pictures in the computer that I could tell. I didn’t know when the berries were ripe on the white dogwoods.

I’m over here!

After watering the few plants that I water, I peeked around the corner of the house and the robin was still there. It was gone when I went back in the house.