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A Mysterious Rock Wall

Last fall Buffy and I hiked south in the ravine up to the Shawnee National Forest land that borders mine. There’s a rock wall that I’ve visited so many times over the years and wondered why it’s there everytime.

With the angle of the sun, I went on to the south end and started back from there. Back in the 60’s a man built a small cabin at this end — which was illegal because this is National Forest land. He took part of the rocks at the upper end of the wall and made a tall elaborate fire place. I refuse to put it in the pictures. The cabin was gone before I started hiking here.

The wall was constructed with large sandstone rocks. It measures roughly 200 feet long.

A few rocks fell over in this section.

Here the creek altered its course over time and part of the wall collapsed into it.

What was it’s purpose? When was it built?

  The hills slope dramatically down to form a narrow ravine. The steep hills slope to both of the creek’s sides just up from here.

 Obviously, the wall wouldn’t have been used to corral animals. I’ve never been able to think of a single use for it.

 We started walking back north.

One thing I know for certain —

the wall didn’t build itself.