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Fox Update

I haven’t smelled the scent foxes use as an deterrent for Buffy and/or me. We went out before supper, walked around, even close to the barn, and no strong fox scent.

IMG_6970 red

These three pictures were taken last year. I’m hoping they return next month. They breed late January into early February. Gestation lasts 51 days.

IMG_7004 red

So, my fingers are crossed that they return before the young are born in late March or early April.

IMG_7032 red

There’s an old strip pit behind our house and it goes east for two miles or so. The road makes two right angle turns before it straightens out. There’s a house on the corner. Late last summer I would see the young foxes out playing when I was on my way to Ingram Hill.

So, I figure they have a den back there too … and maybe that’s where they are now. The den that they rear the young in is usually deeper than the temporary retreats.

So, I plan to keep my fingers crossed and keep a watch out for them. I will know they’re back if I see them or if I smell the strong scent they use as a deterrent to intruders.

What a Difference Three Days Make

Strong winds, hours of heavy snow and dropping temperatures created dramatic results

IMG_0162 red

that could be enjoyed from the picture window by my computer. (Jan 10)


The large hackberry tree added an interesting background for some pictures.

IMG_0182 red

Ice on the window created a variety of designs

IMG_0183 red 2

for dramatic pictures.

IMG_0194 red

All that remains now are the icicles hanging from the gutter.


 And then a sunny day today (January 14) the temperature rises to 57 degrees.

Buffy and I walked a loop of the backyard. She investigated along the side of the barn until the the fox let her know she wasn’t wanted there. With the wind, she actually smelled up about half of the back-back of our yard.

IMG_0281 red

I walked right up to a crawdad mound. The hole was open, and I could see water down in there.

IMG_0286 red 2

The dandelion flower stood out! All other colors were winter-dull.

IMG_0288 red 2

Dandelion flowerheads are actually made of many yellow ray flowers. They have five tiny petals, and both male and female parts.

Grandfather’s Rose

This rose is my favorite of all the flowers in my gardens. It’s also the one that causes me the most concern.

The rose is a family heirloom, and it’s been called “Grandfather’s rose” for I don’t know how long.  It was given to my grandmother by my great-grandfather when my mother was born in 1929. At some point, the plant was moved from Missouri to Illinois.

I started gardening about 15 years ago. Mom gave me the rose the next summer. It was getting too much shade in her garden, and so I inherited it. One thing my yard has is plenty of sunshine, which works good for me because my main focus in gardening is to attract butterflies.

We have no idea what kind of rose it is. The flowers are 1 1/2 inches wide when fully opened, and they have no scent. The plant is about 4 feet tall. I propagated the rose one winter and now have a second-generation one that’s about the same size as the parent plant.

I’m honored to have the rose and do have to admit I’m more comfortable with it now than I was in the beginning.

The flower’s center in full bloom

Flower’s center past bloom