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To The Woods …

We finally had a sunny day, so Buffy and I went to the woods at Stone Face.

IMG_7043 crop

The caddisfly is a small moth-like insect. Their larvae collect whatever they can and bind it together for a protective case to grow in.  These were 1/4 inch long at the most. They will continue adding on until they’re full grown.

IMG_7069 red

Water movement and the resulting moving reflections always fascinate me.


Every time I see these two trees, I wish they were in my backyard. Grandkids would have a lot of fun with them. Wildlife probably couldn’t resist them either.

IMG_7048 two

Corky warts on bark of a hackberry tree look like a city of futuristic buildings.


I was unable to identify the shelf fungi. It had a smooth surface underneath.

IMG_7088  too

Obviously, this tree stood out! I have no idea what removed all the bark almost to the top of it. There were only a few small limbs at the top of the tree.

IMG_7086 red

The bark pieces at the base of the tree would’ve been only a small fraction of what was removed. It had to have been a determined mammal! This translates to a lot of bark removed and transported to ???

IMG_7056 too

Somehow this nondescript moss and script lichen caught my attention. Is the script lichen a messenger for the plant world?

Script Lichen

Eagle Mountain

IMG_9239 red

Buffy found plenty to keep herself busy on our hike along the creek on Eagle Mountain this morning.

IMG_9244 red

After “oohing” and “aahing” over the water and ice,

IMG_9255 crop red 2

I turned my attention to the lichens.

IMG_9260 red

The word miniscule was putting it mildly.

IMG_9257 crop red

 Pencil lines would be slightly wider than the lichen’s “lines.”

IMG_9263 crop red

 It grew on several  ironwood trees (Carpinus caroliniana) growing along the creek.

IMG_9272 crop red

 I was finally able to identify these online as a “script lichen”  (Graphis scripta).