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A Dandelion

The angle of the morning sun showcased this tilted dandelion seedhead.

IMG_7897 crop red

IMG_7890 crop

IMG_7926 crop red 3

IMG_7912 crop red

IMG_7929 crop red

Deserves Respect

The ground crunched under foot in the backyard. The sun shone through very few clouds. The 9 a.m. temperature sat at 27, and the northwest wind blew at 20mph, gusting to 29, making a wind chill of 15.

I walked right up to this dandelion, in full bloom, showing no signs of even knowing it was cold.

IMG_8269 crop alt red

  I know many people consider dandelions to be a weed. Not me. They’re one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring and last in the fall. Butterflies and other insects visit them. Kids of all ages like to blow the seeds from their ball-shaped seedhead.

The flower sure had my respect, and my appreciation for the beauty it added to my day.

No Wonder …

No wonder goldenrods are so prolific. Look at all those seeds!

An inch-and-a-half inflorescence had 21 seedheads. The one above is longer than the one I dissected. Each seedhead had 15 or so seeds! The beige seeds were tinier than tiny. The word miniscule came to mind.

This picture shows the stalks of 2 goldenrod plants. I can’t even imagine how many seeds would be on these 2 plants. Wind will disperse them.