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Fascination With Ice

These pictures were taken in 2008 and were put in a blog when I started blogging in 2012.  Obviously, I didn’t post it. Since our winter has been relatively mild, I thought now would be a good time to post it.


It was a strong snow and ice storm! The weather remained frigid and nothing melted.

I wish I had an explanation of how the ice formed on this coneflower seedhead.


It was surprising that the rosemary could support the weight of the ice.

Notice in all the pictures at how the ice inverted all the reflections. The red in the left is an upside down reflection of our barn.

045 (2)

I’m not sure what this plant was. It has the snow in the upper part of the reflections and the sky below.


Thin stems reflections turned into wavy lines in the ice.


I still don’t have an explanation for the lumpy shapes lining these stems.

069 (2)

The whole backyard became a crystal showcase.


I can’t remember what this was either. It was about waist high and looked similar to corn. I didn’t see how some of the plants could remain standing with all the weight of the ice.


Red maple branches turned the reflections every which way. The duller red in the top is our barn in an upside position.


I didn’t want to leave the lichens out,


or the aster remnants either.


I’m not sure what tree this was on


or this one either.

The ice storm was one of those magical times that stays with you for years.


Farewell to Snow

After being snowed/iced in for almost 2 weeks, Buffy and I headed to my rural property for a morning hike. I heard running water in the creek before we reached the ravine.

IMG_7077 red

IMG_7083 red

After “oohing and aahing” a bit, I ended up noticing the designs that snow falling from the trees made in the snow below.

IMG_7094 red alt

The angle of the sun was just right to showcase them.

IMG_7101 alt red

Snow melting contributed to their designs too.

IMG_7104 red alt

 My pictures didn’t do them justice. I didn’t know how to set my camera to compensate for the bright snow.

IMG_7154 crop alt red

IMG_7147 crop alt red

IMG_7144 alt red

These discs measured 4-5 inches across.

IMG_7108 red

The east-facing slope had less snow than the west-facing one did.

IMG_7129 alt red

This last one measured over 12 inches from top to bottom and 3 or more inches tall. I couldn’t figure out how it formed. There were concentric oval “lines” and a slight depression in the center. Maybe it rolled and fell to the side, resulting in the design. Nothing made sense …

It had to be magic.