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Jumping Spiders

Jumping spiders have eight eyes and eight legs like other spiders do.  The two center eyes are particularly large.

IMG_7496 crop enlarged

 Their size ranges from 1 to 22 millimeters long. And they can move! This one didn’t want its picture taken.

IMG_4671 crop

They inject their victims with venom.

… I think they’re so cute! This one looks like royalty with the way it’s “dressed.”


New Barn Residents

Please excuse the quality of the pictures. The sun has shifted in the sky, and shadows are different from earlier this spring when the foxes were here. I also have to take the pictures from inside the house.

This is the first time we’ve had groundhogs stay under the barn for any length of time.


 The adults wander farther when feeding. The adults watch for me in the house. I actually have to get my camera, bend over to get myself out into my husband’s workroom. Then I crawl toward the window, and slowly get into a standing position, without being seen. And then I get the camera on the windowsill and start taking pictures. Sometimes, I feel like a nut.


The young stay closer to the barn.


I would like to know what’s being discussed in the conversation over lunch.


There are four little ones.


This picture gives a scale between their size and that of the adults.


“Luckily, they haven’t missed me yet.”


Three groundhog “lawn mowers.”

The groundhogs just come out from under the barn and start eating.

When the foxes were here, the male had to go in search of food often.


I wonder what they’re watching?


The little one’s expression says, “Is this a good pose?”


Apparently, I’m interesting to watch too.

Apparently, they like it here. It will be interesting to see how long they stay.


I went outside after supper to weed in the flower garden.


Buffy went out with me, for an obvious reason.

A Fancy Crab Spider

A crab spider’s small size makes them easy to overlook,

IMG_7732 red

especially with their ability to change color to match the flowers they’re on.

IMG_7732 crop red

This one seems to have a creative streak, when it comes to designing its attire.

They are called crab spiders because of their legs being similar to those of crabs. The male is smaller than the female.