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Tree Personalities


Who knew trees had such a personality?


Stories could be made  up to go with the woody personalities.

 “There I was, right in the middle of a swamp. Something jumped in the water. And here came a snake, yes,  a snake.”

You can finished the story. Or get one of your little ones to finish it for you.

A New Snake

My truck took me for a drive to check the Eagle Mountain Road — They had actually worked on it! I still wasn’t sure if I could drive the whole road yet. (My husband and I found out later that the road is downright dangerous!)


Anyway, there in the road was this brown snake. I didn’t remember seeing one like it before. It stayed frozen in place, even after I drove off. I’m waiting for my oldest son to identify it for me.


Keith saw my pictures and said it was an eastern hognose. It had apparently just shed. A small patch of the old skin remained on the side just behind the head. What had me confused was its lack of pattern.

Snow Snake

If I had to run into a snake, I’d prefer this snow snake draped over a tree branch.

IMG_2590 crop red

Our planned snow hike turned out to be in a mixture of drizzle and slush falling from the trees. The temperature rose earlier this morning than I expected.

IMG_2594 crop red

Buffy and I had a nice hike anyway. Water sang a happy tune as it tumbled along the creek. We didn’t see another human. And I saw my first snake of the year.