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A Morning Surprise … a Big Surprise!


   I recently started going for mornings walks around our backyard about 7 a.m. to look for spider webs.


   Then Sunday morning (October 3) I woke to a dense fog. It didn’t take me long to get outside with my camera. I couldn’t see the back of the yard from the house. We have two acres.


Obviously, there were the “common-shaped” webs. I found ones in all sizes, from the small  ones to ones from three feet in diameter.


Some weren’t completely finished. This one looked like it came apart near the center.


This web was in the magnolia tree. It looks like a tangled “mess” that would capture prey.


How can this web hold its shape with all the multi-sized drops lining every strand?


I wonder how long silk will remain from the web.


I saw a few webs like this one up to three feet tall.


This web is designed to capture insects that enter the separated area.


I wondered if this web was completed or if it was what remained.


The hackberry tree above appeared practically covered with webs, especially at the top.

These are only a few of the 240 pictures I took that morning!

What I don’t understand now is, “where did all the spiders go?” Where had all the spiders been before this web-a-thon?  I only found three webs the next morning and one this morning.

Red Honeysuckle Visitors

IMG_3590 crop red

Red honeysuckle attracts more than hummingbirds.

IMG_3579 crop red

It attracts spiders, like this young garden spider,

IMG_3695 crop red

and this daddy-longlegs that looks tucked in a safe place for the night.

IMG_3495 crop red

 Green caterpillars blend in well with all the greens. It’s a caterpillar of the snowberry clearwing, a day-flying moth that mimics bumblebees.

IMG_3499 crop red

Caterpillars breath through spiracles, the black “spots” along its side. Its actual legs are the three black pairs by the head.

IMG_3499 crop

Three pairs of prolegs  occur in the middle of the body. The “hairs” on each are called crochets which help the caterpillar to hold on.

IMG_3522 crop red

 A smaller caterpillar dined in the evening. 

 IMG_3207 crop red

The snowberry clearwing moth. 

Spiders in the Night

Every time I come in

IMG_3933 red

from taking orb pictures in the backyard

IMG_3899 crop red

I see spiders on the side of the house. They’re either in their web, repairing it or building one. A quick flashlight-count found 29 of various sizes.

None of the spiders are on their webs during the day.