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Another Face


I always take pictures of the full moon (some, like this one, from in the house). The trees blocked the last full moon until bedtime. So, I took the camera in the bedroom and later took pictures through the south window when the moon peaked through the trees. I didn’t realize until the next day, when I was looking at the pictures, that I photographed what looked like a moon spirit …

The man in the moon does exist!

Evening Clouds

I went for an evening drive and am I glad I did. The closer I got to home, the more dramatic the clouds became.

All the following pictures were taken from my front yard.


I’ve occasionally seen cap clouds (pileus clouds).


The cap results when a moist current of air is forced over a growing cumulus cloud.


It soon began to slowly sink lower.


It continued lower, and another one started forming on a peak near it.


Both slowly started dissipating,


soon to be followed by another one forming.


The cloud shapes, enhanced with the shaded areas,


continued to change.


A cloud spirit (lower right) watched the last of the evening’s dramatic cloud display.

Orbs and an Ice Storm

I couldn’t stay inside one night last week after many hours of rain, sleet and an ice storm. The temperature had warmed enough that a rain/sleet mix fell when I went out.

I had to stay on the front porch because of the ice.

IMG_1437 red

The trees limited my areas for photographing orbs.  All the tiny “sparks” were rain, and there are 3 orbs on the left. The orbs didn’t show until after the pictures were taken.

IMG_1457 red

I went through the house to the side door. There’s no awning there. All I could do was stick my hand out under the corner of the screen where the cats use to go outside. I held my left hand over the camera to keep it dry.

IMG_1460 red

 The side door gave me 2 angles for taking pictures.

IMG_1462 red

 The orb near the orange outside light was moving, leaving a trail behind it. This shows it’s not rain, because it was going upward, not down. I have no explanation for the 3 tiny, side-by-side what looks like tiny moving orbs (to the right and up some from the moving orb). I found them in 2 of the 56 pictures I took.

IMG_1464 red

The two large dim orbs might’ve been from a different kind of spirit, or  maybe emanated this way for a reason. Small orbs appeared in pairs in some of these pictures. They do this often, and I assume it’s to let me be sure they’re not rain drops catching the camera’s flash.IMG_1466 red

One thing about taking orb pictures is surprise of what’s in the picture after it’s taken. A picture can be full of orbs, and the next one of the same area taken immediately after usually has none or very few.

IMG_1467 red

Notice how many paired orbs are in this picture.

By this time I was getting cold. I hadn’t exactly dressed right for all this fun.

IMG_1481 red

My last pictures were of our security light, and the orbs that came to be in the pictures. I’ve learned how to take orb pictures during the day when it’s sunny and with thin clouds. These 2 green orbs are in so many of my daytime pictures.

I decided to go on to bed, and let the orbs do what they came here to do.


Orbs are said to be emanations (to come from a source) of Spirit Beings.


Buffy and I walked along a single lane country road until we came to a gate at the end of it. We veered off into the woods and gradually went down hill. Then the hill dropped more … and then more. I hadn’t hiked here in a long time and ended up taking the long way down the hill as it grew steeper and rockier.

We were greeted as we came around and under a small overhang.

He was a friendly-looking spirit. I couldn’t believe how many times I’ve sat under the overhang just to the left of him and never noticed how the rocks looked like a head!

Sandstone with iron banding created so many different patterns.

The softer sandstone eroded away, leaving the iron patterns. These are called liesegang bands and are common in certain areas of southern Illinois.

It would be interesting to know exactly what caused the resulting patterns.

Buffy took time from her exploring to enjoy the scenery, while I took pictures.

Obviously, this tree had a challenging life growing against the ledge. It’s been dead a long time. The top was gone and the trunk hollow. Knocking with my fist on the hollow area above the hole produced deep drumming sound. It wasn’t very loud but still enjoyable.

This row of rocks was just above the short bluff below where we had just been. This cavity was so big that my best friend and I both sat in one time, facing each other.

This shows the line of rock and the small boulders at this end. The word dramatic describes this whole area.

It’s hard to tell from this picture, but I was standing in a water course where water runs off during heavy rains. To say the hill is steep is an understatement. Walking was difficult in this whole area because of the up and downs, and all the rocks. The hill dropped off dramatically from just below where we were most of the time. According to a topo map, it sloped downward 80-100 feet into a narrow ravine. We didn’t go down.

I took one last picture before starting the hike back to the truck.

Lunch sure tasted good when we got home after that strenuous hike. A short nap sure felt good. That’s how you know you had a good day.