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The Clouds Continued

This is the second blog of the clouds that were just east and south of our house.


I wonder if the clouds had conversations while they formed.


They grew/enlarged quickly, changing almost constantly.


I was alone and in constant “awe” of the event.


Now I wonder just how many different kinds of spirits it took for this display?


I hope I’m invited to the next meeting of the cloud spirits.


The Magic of Ice, Part 2

The ice’s imagination has no bounds.


I wonder if the creatures were involved in the designing?


It’s like magic happened overnight.


Will this life form swim away?


The myriad of designs in this section of the creek would be beyond comprehension without the picture.


Obviously, there are endless possibilities for ice compositions.


I think I walked up on a secret meeting of the ice spirits.


The characters and shapes in the ice differ with each freeze.

That’s why I always make an effort to visit this small creek when the conditions are right for ice.

… I wonder if they enjoyed me as much as I enjoyed them?

An Evening Drive


IMG_0551 red

I didn’t expect dramatic clouds when Buffy and I left for an evening drive.

IMG_0556 alt red

IMG_0554 red

“Wow!” came to mind. “Huge” did too.

IMG_0574 crop red

It was so nice of this doe to pose for us before we headed home.

IMG_0581 red

I wondered what the cloud spirits used for inspiration for these unusual clouds.

IMG_0583 alt red

 If anyone has a theory for this squared-off cloud, I’d be interested in hearing it.

IMG_0587 alt red

Cloud caps are one of my favorite clouds. They usually form over cumulus clouds. There must have been one up there somewhere.