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Spiderwort flowers bloom among my other spring wildflowers.

Two clumps of them grow in my spring wildflower garden (between the pine and hackberry tree) where they attract small insects.

An occasionally breeze blew this flower and made it look like a flying “butterfly.”

There are several species of spiderworts (Tradescantia)

… and this one posed to have its picture taken.


A Cobweb Skipper

I usually go out two or three times a day to take pictures. This morning I just happened to be in the right place at the right time!

Wingstem, and its underground runners, have taken over most of my spring wildflower garden.

IMG_6110 red

My morning walk-about started with my spring wildflower garden.

img_6104 red

A little spread-winged skipper and

IMG_6119 red

a monarch butterfly both fed on the winged crownbeard.

IMG_6108 red

My mind kept saying “cobweb skipper,” even though I’d never seen one before.

IMG_6113 red

Well, my mind was right. It was a cobweb skipper.

I took ten pictures in two minutes before the skipper “skipped” away.

It gets even more exciting … I knew from past years of extensive butterfly watching, that the cobweb skipper (Hesperia metea) was not in our area.

Come to find out, it’s on the Illinois state endangered list. It’s only known as a permanent resident in an eastern county in the middle of the state along the Mississippi River. There used to be three locations near the one the Mississippi river too. It was first collected in Illinois in 1978.

I will report the sighting to a state heritage biologist and will be anxious to hear what he has to say.