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Sky and Low Clouds

The clouds seemed more active near the end of November than they do now (The first part of January).

                                                                                                      We’ve had very little sunshine so far this winter.

A Napping Fox

I didn’t see the foxes during our last two days of cloudy weather.


It’s convenient to have my computer by the picture window that overlooks our backyard.


The sun is out, the wind calm, and the 42-degree temperature must feel warmer on the piece of conveyor  belt.


A little grooming.


Now that’s a yawn!


And then she just couldn’t stay awake any longer in the warm sunshine.


This picture was taken later, and I suspect this one’s the male. Its color seems darker than the fur of the one in the other pictures.


The sun just set. The male fox is still curled up asleep. The temperature’s now down to 40.