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Teeny Mushroom

The word teeny came to mind when I found this mushroom.

IMG_8340 crop red

It stood approximately 1 1/4 inch tall.

IMG_8337 red

The word delicate also came to mind.

The only word that didn’t come to mind was a name for this mushroom, even after checking all of my mushroom books.

Among the Fossils

Buffy and I commonly walk loops around the backyard. The loop passes solitary rocks, piles of rocks … rocks and more rocks.

IMG_5348 too

This particular loop walk took me by a small pile of fossil rocks. I turned the longest rock over to see what fossils were on the underside, and there was a teeny-tiny spider.

IMG_5348 too 2

It’s body was 3/16th of an inch long! The stripes on its abdomen became obvious when I turned the rock toward the sun.


The rock was filled with brachiopods (shells) and the round discs of crinoid stems.

IMG_5359 too

 It looked as if the spider was over a cavity. I wondered where it would spend the winter. Would it even survive the winter?

IMG_5370 crop

After a little research, I now think it was an immature daddy-long-legs. Its legs were definitely LONG!

I was so surprised to find a spider on the 17th of December, especially such a teeny one.

Smaller than Teeny

My journal usually goes outside with me if I plan on being out for a while.

IMG_3441 crop red

I sat down to rest recently and enjoy the sunny day after moving a pile of rocks. The caterpillar was soooo teeny I almost didn’t see it. The base of the “h” measured 1/16th of an inch.

IMG_3442 crop

I couldn’t figure out how it even got on the page in the first place. It kept “inching” along, like it knew where it was going.

Teeny Surprise

The red color of these teeny moss spore capsules caught my attetnion.

IMG_4173 crop

The teeny ice “crystals” didn’t show until the picture was in the computer.

A miniature magical garden …